Lorex Security Cameras: Advantages, Disadvantages, Costs, and More



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A highly esteemed company in the industry of security cameras, Lorex is known to provide a range of high quality security camera systems that have been proven superior over others. Products come in various models and with different features so it would be good for you to become familiar with those that may be valuable for your purpose.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Lorex security cameras will enable you to decide if this brand is for you. Furthermore, it’s important to take note of pricing as well so that you can weigh this factor too against other brands or perhaps choose a Lorex camera that suits your budget better.

What are the Advantages of Getting a Lorex Camera?

Apart from the company’s great experience and expertise in wireless technology, you know you’re getting good quality by choosing Lorex. All the security camera systems offered by Lorex do not make use of wires or cables anymore but rather rely on an Internet connection. This is advantageous when it comes to the physical appearance because you won’t have any messy wiring visible on the outside.

In addition, there is no need for the installer to restructure the current wiring system you have in the house. This is often why some security systems may take time to install. At least you can immediately utilize your Lorex camera.

For Lorex’s indoor cameras, you can expect a mounting system to come with the package. This makes it easy for you to position the camera on the wall or to a shelf for a better view.

What’s even better is the fact that a Lorex wireless camera system allows you to access it wherever you are— via the Internet! Just imagine getting a peek inside your home even when you’re in the office or while you’re traveling. At least you can monitor if there are any suspicious activity going on. You can even play back records of these surveillance cameras.

If you’re a business owner who’s away for the time being, you can still check your shop or office if the employees are doing their jobs well and if operations are running as they are supposed to.

Take advantage of their Clearance Sale, click HERE to enjoy up to 75% off their products – use coupon code SUMMER10 and the price will be reduced at checkout. Not only that, if you shop for more than $3.95 shipping is FREE.

What are the Known Disadvantages of Choosing Lorex Security Systems?Lorex-Wireless-DVR-Security-Camera-System-Review

Naturally, for every product or brand, there are also disadvantages to consider. In the same way that the Internet reliance of Lorex security systems is beneficial, there are also potential online problems that can occur. Common problems encountered are hacking of the system or records from outside sources and also fluctuation or loss of connection.

Nevertheless, Lorex security cameras offer firewall programs too in order to add protection from unauthorized access or hacking possibilities.

Another disadvantage that some people have reported about Lorex security systems is the efficacy of filing live streaming footage through computers and routers connected. It would be good to inquire with Lorex regarding add-ons for better back-up of files.

What are the Different Types of Lorex Security Cameras?

Lorex offers various systems for the home and for business purposes. Each wireless system comes with a certain number of either wireless or wired cameras or a combination of both types. There are also Lorex security cameras that are designed for indoors and for the outdoors, provided in particular packages.

Moreover, you can opt for the HD security system so as to get the clearest image possible with your HD cameras.


Why Should You Buy a Lorex Wireless Camera?

Buying a Lorex wireless camera is one way to boost your security system at home and in any other establishment. At least you’ll be able to monitor what’s going on in the various areas of your property, at whatever time you wish and from wherever you are in the world. This will surely give you peace of mind and help you in case there are actual break-ins or crimes.

How Much Do Lorex Cameras Cost?

baby-monitor-LB215-L1With all the wonderful features and benefits of Lorex security cameras, you can actually put together a basic two-camera system for just around $125. For some who need more cameras, just to give you a general idea about pricing, a 16-camera system will cost only about $800. However, because of their Clearance Sale you can click HERE to enjoy up to 75% off their products – use coupon code SUMMER10 and the price will be reduced at checkout. Not only that, if you shop for more than $3.95 shipping is FREE.

Another great bonus you get is the 30-day trial period in which you can get back a refund of the entire amount if the system doesn’t work as it is supposed to or as you were told. You also get one full year of warranty for both parts and services.

Is There Free Installation When You Buy Lorex Wireless Cameras?

All the Lorex wireless cameras are made to be easily installed even by an average person. They all come with detailed instructions for installation and you can even watch the instructional video on CD or online! Or, check out this post with details: How to Install Lorex Security Cameras.

If you want the whole security system to be set up for you, though, you can ask Lorex to do it for a minimal fee.

Where Can You Browse Through Lorex Surveillance Products?

You can see all their products on their homepage, but if you’re looking to save a good chunk on your new security system Lorex is having a clearance sale right HERE where you can save up to 75%!  Remember to use the code SUMMER10 to have the price reduced at checkout.

Lorex has a 30 day return policy, so if you buy a system and it turns out it wasn’t what you were looking for you can return it within 30 days (if it hasn’t been damaged of course). For a limited time, Lorex offers free shipping on orders over $3.95 as well so if you’ve been thinking about getting a security system now’s really the time! Check out Lorex Security Cameras today. They really are top of the line, high-quality security cameras that will keep you, your family, your home and your business safe.

You can easily get top-quality Lorex security cameras from their website now:




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  3. Do your wireless cameras run on electricity or do they need batteries? How do you access the cameras from another state.

  4. Okay all you ITT guys put your thinking caps on. I recently hired a person to install my Lorex system. I explained that I wanted to be able to view the cameras from my mobile device a I phone 6. He the tech first installed the system on his phone also a I phone 6. He can view the cameras from any location at any time on his phone but i cannot. My phone is extremely sporadic only when it feels like it does it work. LOL. My provider is Verizon and my wifi is Optimum.
    I have had my tech guy call Lorex several times but still no resolve.

    Help please

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