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Review of SENS8 Security Camera

An Introduction to SENS8 Home Security System

If you’re looking for a home security camera that does a bit of everything, this one from SENS 8 may just be the one for you. It has a motion detector and alarm, 2-way audio, 2 hours of backup power, heat and humidity sensor, and encryption to protect your privacy.

On top of that, video quality is excellent and it’s enabled with night vision. In short, it’s the total package for home or office security in a very simple set up. Literally. Most people are able to get a SENS8 security system up and running in just minutes.

The thing we love the best? The very reasonable upfront price, and no monthly storage fees. That’s a serious win in our books.

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Buy the SENS8 Security Camera System

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Key Features of the SENS8 Security System

  • 1080 HD camera with night vision
  • Motion detector with alarm, as well as heat and humidity monitor/alert
  • Needs power outlet and wifi connection, back-up battery runs for 2 hours in case of power outage
  • No monthly fees for video storage. Built in 8 GB storage which syncs to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Very few false alarms due to a patented algorithm
  • Two-way communication with pets, kids, etc.
  • 5 second look-back on recording. When the motion sensor is triggered, SENS8 records 5 seconds before that
  • Effective range of 30-40 feet
  • Indoor use only

SENS8 Wireless Camera Pros:

There are plenty of things you’ll love about the SENS8 home security system. Here are just a few

  • Very easy set up and use via phone app and wireless network
  • No monthly fees
  • High-quality video and audio that works well, even at night
  • A total home protection package at a very reasonable price

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SENS8 All-In-One Home Security Review

What People are Saying about the SENS8 Home Security Camera

“I’ve always wanted a home security camera, but just never wanted to deal with the hassle of one. This one is great though. Super easy to set-up, and also easy to access the video feed via phone app. Overall, I’m super happy with this, especially when you consider the reasonable price and no monthly fees.”

“It’s an easy, cheap and good security system for your home or office. The sync to dropbox works really well, and I think there’s an option for Google Drive as well.”

“SENS8 gave me so much piece of mind when I went on vacation. I loved being able to keep an eye on what was going on around my house, and the motion sensor/alarm thing is awesome to have.”

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Features of the SENS8 Camera

SENS8 Wireless Camera Cons:

  • For indoor use only
  • Doesn’t offer 24/7 recording, but only activates 5 seconds before motion is sensed

How to Set up the SENS8 Home Security Camera System

It really is extremely easy to set up this home security system from SENS8. Most people are able to do in only a few minutes. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the app
  • Power up the device (plug it into the wall)
  • Connect

SENS8 Set-Up Tutorial

Can SENS8 be Used on More than 1 Device?

If multiple family members want access to the same device, SENS8 has you covered. It’s compatible with up to 4 devices.

If you have a large house, you can also have multiple cameras, on different floors for example. They can be accessed through a single account by multiple users.

SENS8 Warranty and Customer Service

Here at Spy Cameras Reviewed, we LOVE companies that stand behind their products. In this case, SENS8 offers the following:

  • 1 year warranty
  • 24/7 customer support via chat
  • toll-free, 9-5 phone support (+1(800)215-8303)

Compare Home Security Systems

One of the big negatives of this security camera system is that it doesn’t record 24/7, but only starts when motion is detected and then 5 seconds before that.

If you want continuous recording, you’ll usually have to buy a system that includes a hard drive, such as these top-quality Lorex ones. It’s a bit more work up-front to set-up, but it’s a more robust system that can be customized to your needs.

You can also check our out Top 5 Home or Office Security Systems, or take a look at our chart below.

SENS8 Home Security Camera System vs. Amazon Cloud Camera

A very similar product to the SENS8 Home Security System is the Amazon Cloud Camera. They both work in very similar ways, with recording happening only when motion is enabled.

Technical capabilities and features, as well as set-up are very similar. The major difference is the cloud storage. SENS8 works with Dropbox or Google Drive, and there are no monthly subscription fees (unless you choose to pay for more storage with Dropbox or Google).

With the Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera, this is a monthly subscription fee. It’s not that expensive, but it might be a deciding factor for you.

Find out more details about the Amazon Cloud Cam over on Amazon:


Is there a Cheaper Alternative to the SENS8 Camera?

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the SENS8 Home Security Camera, then you’ll need to consider the Wyze Smart Home Camera. Prices vary, but it’s around 6-8x cheaper than this one.

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As far as picture and audio quality goes, the Wyze Security Camera is almost as good. We also love that there’s a 14-day, rolling cloud storage that is free. You can also upgrade to a memory card for a more permanent storage solution.

What you’re losing out on with this cheaper alternative for home security system are a few features including back-up power, heat and humidity alarms, and a motion detection system that actually works well.

The phone app also doesn’t work as well intuitively as the one from SENS8. Many of the negative reviews on Amazon mentioned that it wasn’t as easy to use as they’d hoped for.

However, if you want to use this device to keep an eye on pets, or kids while they’re sleeping at night then the cheaper one may be just what you need.

You can check out the Wyze Smart Home Camera over on Amazon for yourself:


Compare Smart Home (Indoor) Security Cameras

Can the SENS8 be Hacked?

A common question that people want to know is whether or not the SENS8 can be hacked. And, whether or not that risk is higher or lower than with other smart home devices.

In reality, just about anything that connects to the Internet can be hacked. That said, it’s not easy to do, especially if you take a few basic precautions.

The SENS8 seems to be no easier, or harder to hack than similar devices that are used for home security purposes. You can learn more here:

Hacking Home Security Cameras

The Takeaway on the SENS8 Wireless Camera

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced home security option with no monthly fees, then you’ll need to seriously consider SENS8. It’s a complete package that’s easy to set up and just works well, almost right out of the box.

Although it’s a relatively new product, initial reviews are excellent. Most people are very happy with this product, and note the excellent picture quality, even in low light conditions.

The company also stands behind their product with a 1-year warranty. There really isn’t that much not to love about SENS8. It should be at the top of your list for a home security device.

The best place to find this wireless home security camera is on Amazon. Prices are very reasonable and shipping is usually free. Check it out for yourself today:


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