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Arlo Security System with 2 HD Indoor/Outdoor Cameras: A Review

There are many reasons why someone would buy a home or workplace security system. We’ll outline a few of them in this article and then review the Arlo Security System in more detail. The first reason someone might use a surveillance camera would be to keep an eye on things when not there. For example, you can see what’s happening at your house when you’re on vacation or at work. You can check on your office or workplace when you’re at home.

Finally, you can place a surveillance camera to watch your boat, trailer, or other expensive toy when it’s in storage. Of course, there are other reasons too! Wireless security cameras really are very useful.

Another reason someone would want a home or office security system such as this one from Arlo is the deterrence factor. Simply having security cameras on your property will help prevent crimes from occurring. What bad guy wants to be caught doing something on film? Nobody! Display some cameras prominently on your property and you’ll be off to a good start!

Keep on reading for our full review of the Arlo Security Camera system, or have a look for yourself over on Amazon:

An Introduction to the Arlo Security System

Let’s get into more details about this popular security system. This surveillance system from Arlo is one of the mid-range choices. For an example of a lower end product, check out the Amcrest Eco-Series Cameras. However, it’s quite a bit cheaper than something like the Lorex Security Cameras, which would be considered the high end of what you can install yourself.

How to Set-Up Arlo Wireless Security Cameras

Some Great Customer Reviews + Ratings

With thousands of reviews, this system from Arlo makes a decent choice and they certainly have many satisfied customers. The complaints are minimal and the worst thing seems to be the short battery life.

These surveillance cameras come with all the features that you’d expect for something in this price range. The images are in high definition. You can use this system at night. You can view the stream from a mobile browser or just about any device.

There truly are no wires, unlike some of the other systems which claim this but it’s really not true! You can use the cameras indoors or outdoors. The motion sensor will send you alerts in real-time. Arlo offers free cloud storage for your footage of up to 7 days. This can prove extremely useful in case a crime occurs. You can turn this footage over to the police to assist them in catching the bad guys!

If this sounds like the security system for you, check them out on Amazon:

Porch Snooper Caught by an Arlo Security Camera

Arlo Home Security System Pros:

  • 7 days of cloud storage included
  • Motion sensor and alerts work well
  • Truly a wireless system
  • Some reports of set-up in 5-10 minutes!
  • Top-quality, durable cameras with clear picture
  • Great apps for accessing remotely

Arlo Home Security System Cons:

  • Battery life for the cameras could be better
  • Some false alarms with the motion sensor
  • Some reports of cameras going offline for long periods of time

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The Takeaway on the Arlo Security System

If you’re looking for a mid-range surveillance camera system, this one from Arlo makes a great choice. Unlike many of the competitors, set-up really is easy. Many customers comment that it only took them 5-10 minutes. Some of the other home security cameras have reports of it taking days and weeks of back and forth with customer service. This Arlo system is also truly wireless, unlike some of their competitors which advertise this but aren’t really.

A Few Minor Complaints about Arlo Security Cameras

The biggest complain about this security system seems to be with the battery life of the cameras. Although it’s supposed to last around six months, there are reports of it lasting about half that time. However, as the biggest drawback, it’s not terrible. We recommend getting some rechargeable batteries in order to save some money. Then, set-up alerts on your phone calendar every three months to change the batteries. Compared to the other mid-range security camera complaints, this one is very minor.

Arlo Security System: a Definite Buy!

Set-up is easy. The images are clear and sharp. Cloud storage is included. There are no wires. Customer service is decent. They are priced affordably. Night vision is enabled. All of these factors make the Arlo Security System a clear win in our books. You can easily get this top-rated security system on Amazon today:


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