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Learn how to improve home security

Home Security Hacks to Keep your Family and Property Safe

Getting a smart home security system can be of great help these days, but you shouldn’t leave it all up to technology to feel completely safe. Rather, you should take additional precautionary measures to further improve the security of your home. This will keep you, and your loved ones safer than ever.

So here are some of the best ways to buff up your house’s security:

Use Exterior Lighting to Improve Home Security

Keeping your house’s entrances and other areas well-lit is an effective deterrent for robbers. This makes it very hard or even impossible for robbers looking to sneak into your house without anyone noticing.

Therefore, you should install lights near every exterior entrances. And if you’re worried about someone breaking into your house overnight, then install motion-activated flood lights on both the front and back yards. You can also set a timer for your indoor lighting. This will make it seem as if your house is occupied.

To make it even easier for yourself, and the environment, consider getting some solar-powered lights. Check out our top picks here: The Best Solar Powered Lights.

Tips from Burglars on How to Secure Your Home

Home Security Tip: Keep Windows and Sliding Glass Doors Locked

When unlocked, sliding glass doors and ground or external windows are easy to open from the outside. That’s why you should keep front door secured and your windows locked at all times. Of course, except when you need to use them!

For your sliding glass door, we recommend you drop a metal rod or a dowel on the track from the inside. This usually gives the door’s weak lock more strength.

Check out our top pick for sliding glass door locks.

Always Lock External Doors to Improve Home Safety

Know this; every house-security measure will be pointless if a thief finds your front door opened and let themselves in. As a matter of fact, most robberies occur because the front door and windows are not locked.

So to prevent this from happening, it is vital that you close all external doors (front, back and side) whether you’re going to visit your neighbor next door or are inside the house. Don’t take a chance with balcony doors either. Keep them closed as well. 

Also be sure to lock your garage doors as they lead straight into your household.

Going along with this point, be sure that you know who’s at the door before you open it. A peephole works well for this, but a digital video doorbell is even better. It allows you to speak to the person outside. If not home, you can get an alert to your smartphone when someone’s at the door.

Check out our top picks here: The Best Video Doorbell Peepholes. Or, take a look at this handy comparison chart below:

Best OverallBest High-End DoorbellThe Smartest Doorbell
Digitsea Digital DoorbellRing Wi-Fi Video DoorbellEques Veiu
Night vision, wide angle viewingCompatible with AlexaDon't need a smartphone
Automatic recordingWatch from your phone, tablet, or computerNight vision, wi-fi enabled
Check PricesCheck PricesCheck Prices

Don’t Leave Notes on Doors

Leaving notes on doors may as well be considered an invitation for burglars to make off with your items, even if you’re just taking a stroll around the block or working in your backyard. What’s worse is that thieves will be inclined to also enter your house and make off with anything valuable or priceless.

Home Security Hacks

Home Safety Tip: Don’t Leave Keys Outside

Forget hiding your spare keys underneath the front door welcome mat or behind the flower pot because by now, those places are far too obvious to fool any crook today. So in other words, muggers will likely check those hiding spots first before invading your humble abode.

To get around this dilemma, give your spare key to a trusted neighbor, a friend or better yet, a family member. Another splendid alternative would be to get an electronic locking system instead of a regular one. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping a key anymore, when all you need to do to get inside is with a code. Just remember not to use obvious combinations like 1-2-3-4.

Close your Curtains When You’re Out

Potential thieves will more than likely browse a person’s house to see if there are any items worth stealing, especially if the curtains aren’t drawn. So keep your curtains closed, especially in rooms where there priceless items like paintings, silverware and ornaments are kept. It’s best to do this even if you’re gone away from your house for a little while .

Ask Someone to Keep an Eye on your House if You’re Away

If you’re going away for an extended period, burglars and prowlers may eventually catch wind that the house is uninhabited. Therefore, ask your next door neighbour, or call your close friends or family member to maintain the house in your absence at least two or three times a week.

You can also ask them to take out your trash in the morning and bring the empty cans back at night as well as collect your newspaper, post or any other packages you may get.

Doing these will create an illusion in the eyes of potential crooks that someone is living in your house and discourage them from robbing behind your back.

Or, use a Smart Home Camera

If you don’t have someone you trust with a key to your house when you’re away, consider getting a smart home security device. They’re cameras that you place inside your house to monitor for motion, moisture, heat, etc. You’ll get alerts to your Smartphone, and you can check out what’s happening in your house in real-time.

Find out top picks here:

 Best OverallBest Low-End CameraEasiest to Set-Up
Product NameSENS8 Home Security CameraWyze Wireless Smart Home CameraAmazon Cloud Cam
Compatible with AlexaYesNoYes
RecordingSyncs to Google Drive or Dropbox (free)14-day rolling streaming (free)24 hour free storage, or subscription
PriceCheck Price Check PriceCheck price

Home Safety Tip: Have the Police Inspect your House

It’s okay to be a little paranoid, especially if you’re not sure whether your house is safe or not. If that’s the case, then you should know that many police departments provide are happy to provide home inspections to citizens whenever required. They can help you understand a number of potential risk factors you face and areas that are vulnerable to break-ins as well as other dangers.

Or, check out these Crime Prevention Tips from Police Agencies.

Leave Lights, TV or Radio on When You’re Gone

How to improve home security when you’re not home at night? Here’s one simple tip.

If you’re going out to dinner with your friends and family at night, don’t give potential muggers the idea that no one’s home with all the lights off. In that case, you’d be better off keeping not just your lights on, but also your TV and stereo on to trick burglars into thinking someone’s home.

This will force them to rethink their plans about breaking in. They’ll simply move onto an easier target (someone who appears to not be at home).

Going on Vacation for an Extended Period? Consider a Fake TV

If you’re going away for an extended period of time, consider getting a fake TV. They can be programmed to turn on, and turn off at certain times to make it more realistic. After all, nobody would have their TV on 24/7.

You can check out some of the best Fake TV’s in this comparison chart below:

Top 5 Fake TV Simulators

Best OverallBest Customer ServiceMost Affordable
Maximal PowerFakeTVGXG Fake TV
Replicates 27 inch, HDTVSimulates 40 inch TVMimics 42 inch TV
Check PricesCheck PricesCheck Prices

Cut the Grass and Trim the Hedges Before Leaving Town

Uncut grass and hedges are another sign that could tip potential crooks off that no one’s home. That’s why you should always consider trimming the hedges and mowing the lawn, especially if you’re going away on long vacations.

Hire a House Sitter

One of the best home security tips if you’re going away on vacation is to hire a house-sitter.

If you’re okay with this, find it feasible and know that the person is reliable, then you can settle for hiring a house sitter to watch over your abode while you go away for an extended period. If you want, you can ask the house sitter to drop by and spend at least one or two hours at your house. This will deter thieves who intend to rob you when they see someone “living” in your house.

Also be sure to give your house sitter the code to your house security system so they don’t accidentally set off the alarm and get cuffed by the local po-po.

Consider a Home Security System

One of the best things for peace of mind, as well as home security is a surveillance system. There is a huge range of options from a hundred bucks and a single camera, to thousands for 20+ cameras.

We’re narrowed down the choices for you to some of our favourites. Check them out here:

Best OverallMost AffordableEasiest to Set Up
Lorex Security SystemEzviz Home SecurityArlo Security System
Lorex-Home-Security-System-ReviewEZVIZ home surveillance systemarlo-security-system
8 channel, motorized dome cameras4 weatherproof cameras2 wireless HD cameras
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

How to Improve Home Security: Have your Say!

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