Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System Review



Review of the Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System

Imagine this scenario: You are a parent of more than two kids and you’re about to start working full-time. You hired a nanny you don’t know that much and you just based your decision for hiring her on the qualifications she indicated in her resume. Instead of feeling excited on your first day in the office, you are worried about your children. Here’s one effective tip that will help take all the apprehensions away. Install a security camera at home. You need not spend much for this. The Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System is a practical option for you.

“I feel so much safer whether I’m in the house and can’t see certain areas outside, or in the yard. Even when I’m at work, I love that I can access the feed from my cell. This security system from Lorex is well worth the money, excellent product!”

The Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System features a DVR that will help you monitor your kids anytime, wherever you are. The device comes with two wireless security cameras for you to install in the areas at home where your kids frequently stay. The two cameras are powered by SignalGuard technology. This means that, if the signal strength in your place weakens, or the Internet speed at home lowers or even loses connection, you won’t miss a single activity of your little ones.

“I bought this system for my rural home. I am very pleased with it. It took me about twenty five minutes to set up and start viewing. The quick set up pamphlet that came with it was very easy to use. I really expected it to be harder!” 

See: Lorex Home Security Systems Installation for more details.

Infrared Technology and Long-Range

Both cameras are made to function 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More so, it has an automatic infrared technology so you can view real-life colors and real-time happenings at home. Now, you’ll be at peace while attending to your work in the office because you can see your kids through your smartphone or tablet while they are playing or eating. The 140-feet range allows you to clearly view the goings-on in your house, whether they are positive or negative happenings.  Definitely your money’s worth, the Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System’s security cameras can be installed inside or outside your house wherever convenient for you.

“The cameras included are hefty and well constructed, plus the quality of the picture is excellent. The DVR unit itself is top of the line as well.”

You can easily get the Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System from Amazon:


Key Features of the Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System:

  • Affordable at around $200
  • Can use smartphone and tablet for viewing
  • High-quality pictures and videos
  • Waterproof, so ideal for outdoor use too
  • Metal housing for durability
  • Can be used both for indoor and outdoor monitoring
  • Comes with an easy user guide


The Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System Cons:

  • Limited range so might need to spend for an extra camera
  • Recording feature and time rely on the Internet speed.
  • A bit weak focus feature
  • Not that clear vision at night
  • May be waterproof but cannot be submerged in water

The Takeaway on the Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System:

Have a peace of mind even when you’re far away from home. The Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System is designed weatherproof so it is perfect whatever season you are experiencing in your area. The security cameras coming in this security system can handle heavy downpour or snowstorm. Don’t worry about the device you’re using.  Whether it is an Android or Apple phone or tablet, this Lorex product is surely compatible with it. Not only that. Whether it is a PC or MAC that you’re using, it’s okay because the Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System can work with both computers.

There’s no reason for you not to purchase the Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System. It is one of the most affordable security cameras from Lorex today. Imagine, for just around $200, this device already comes with a hard-drive that’s pre-installed. Set-up is easy and simple because you’re only dealing with two cameras.

(Looking for a more robust security system? Check out this top-of-the-line one from Lorex: HD Security System).

This affordable home security system from Lorex has a 500GB-storage so you can record months of footages and videos as much as you want minus all the worries. Now you can focus on your work and impress your boss with your efficiency because having the Lorex Wireless DVR Security Camera System is just like having your kids beside you all the time.


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