HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras Review



Review of the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras

How would like to see each corner of your home (inside and out) totally secured? Surely, it’s all you’ve ever wanted to make sure your whole family is safe especially when you’re not home. Here’s the good news! Now, you need not buy different security cameras separately to monitor every part of your house indoors and outdoors. With the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras, you can  view all the ongoing events at home and preempt the possible occurrence of crime. Preventing crime at your home? I’ll take that one every single time!

You don’t need to hire security personnel to watch over your place. What you need is this heavy-duty HD Security System from Lorex. It comes with eight bullet-type security cameras, four dome-type security cameras, and two mini bullet cameras. There are 16 security cameras in all, to capture any strange motion or unusual activity surrounding your area. Also, this means, owning this security device from Lorex is like hiring a complete battalion to protect your whole household. Burglars will be deterred, knowing that anything they do will be captured on camera.

The two thermal cameras, which are the smallest of the 16 play the most important role in this security system. They make images coming from heat signatures which the eyes cannot clearly see. During the night, you will feel secure because the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras offers you maximum vision and security. The cameras can capture a wide range of up to 130 feet. And when you’re out, you can set the device wherein you can save recorded videos and footages in the hard drive without worrying that the memory might just be all-used up. The built-in hard drive in the With the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras has a three-terabyte (TB) capacity. This means months of stored data for you!

The With the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras is available from their website:

Key Features of the With the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras:

  • Motion recording can be continuous or scheduled
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Dual video output for multiple monitoring
  • Ready USB support to store footages and videos
  • Compatible with both MAC and PC computers
  • Free downloadable applications for both IOS and Anrdroid devices
  • Features email alerts including attached snapshots
  • Clear images for night vision
  • Cameras can be detached for easy installation
  • Designed flexible for both home and business use
  • Weatherproof


The With the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras Cons:

  • Expensive at a little over $2,450
  • Though weatherproof, it cannot be submerged in water.
  • It takes time to install because of the many different cameras that come with the device (see: Lorex Home Security System Installation).
  • Requires fast internet speed to perform excellently
  • Specific extension cable is needed

The Takeaway on the With the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras:

You may find this Lorex security device very expensive at a little over $2,450. But if you compute each device that come with the set, you will realize, you might just spend more than this. Definitely, securing every area at home is worth your more than $2000. Imagine having installed 16 efficient cameras at home. Isn’t it nice to know that you’ll finally achieve peace of mind more than your life time? The price is just a one-time spending in exchange for your whole family’s safety and protection for life.

You will never be faked by any person posing as someone else you can trust and later on will just harm you. This device’s thermal cameras allow you to visualize a very single thing that your probable attacker cannot disguise his body heat. The HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras are certainly a must-have at home because it functions more efficiently at night when no one can see the intruders. Connect your device, be it an iPhone or an android phone and see what’s happening to your family, real time, even if you are on an out-of-town or out-of-the country trip.

If you want the best in home or business security, you’ll need this top-quality security system from Lorex. Hit the button below to purchase the HD Security System with 2 Thermal Cameras effortlessly:




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