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Top 15 Home Safety Tips

If you’re looking for home safety tips, you’ve come to the right place! We have the top 15 ways to improve home security for you to consider. 

When it comes to threats such as burglary, fire and intrusion, home security is always the top priority for you and your family. Sure a home security system is generally the best option in the modern age, but you have to keep additional safety precautions in mind as well.

Here are some of the finest security measures and home sa that you should keep in mind and put in use. This way your home can be safe from breaches, intrusions and also fire threats.

15 Home Safety Tips: Let’s get to it!

Let’s get to the list of safety rules at home for your family to follow. Get ready for a safer, happier household.

Ensure Exterior Doors Have Reliable Locks

Install 1-inch deadbolt locks on all of your exterior doors and be sure to lock everyone of your doors before going to bed or before leaving your home to go outside. 

You can even check on your door locks via Smartphone for additional security.

Sliding Glass Doors: Pay Extra Attention To

Sliding glass doors are an often overlooked area when it comes to home security. They are often easier to break into than standard doors. You can learn more about this here: Do you Really Need Sliding Glass Door Locks?

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Lying Around in Obvious Areas

By now, crooks and thieves are already aware of obvious spare key locations, like under the carpet, behind the flowerpot or any other place that’s close to your house’s entrance. Think of the most inconspicuous location that only you would know of or give your spare set to a neighbor whom you can really depend on.

Always Use the Peephole to See Who’s at the Door

This may be an obvious one, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Even if (in the very likeliest possibility) it is someone you know and expect, never hesitate to confirm their presence through your house door’s peephole.

Be sure to keep your home security system’s wireless keychain with you if or when there’s a complete stranger at your door and you need immediate help.

There are a number of digital peepholes that you may want to consider. They have a distinct advantage over regular ones because you can often see who’s at your front door via an app or alert on your Smartphone. Many of them also detect motion and record a short video or picture for your records.

You can check out some of our top picks for digital doorbells here: Top 5 Peephole Door Cameras to Consider.

Best OverallBest High-End DoorbellThe Smartest Doorbell
Digitsea Digital DoorbellRing Wi-Fi Video DoorbellEques Veiu
Night vision, wide angle viewingCompatible with AlexaDon't need a smartphone
Automatic recordingWatch from your phone, tablet, or computerNight vision, wi-fi enabled
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Keep your Blinds and Drapes Shut

Installing drapes and blinds are an excellent tactic to shield all of your expensive items and equipment from the gaze of potential crooks. This is especially useful at night times.

Don’t Leave Notes on the Door When You’re Out

Whether you’ve gone on a holiday, fishing or even grocery shopping, leaving a note behind opens up the possibility for theft without you knowing about it. Therefore, it would be for the better not to leave behind any notes.

As an alternative, you can keep a check on your house from a smart home security camera like the Yi Smart Home Camera.

Store your Valuables in a Safety Deposit Box or Safe

These days, keeping your valuables inside your room’s lockbox even after you leave for work, vacation or a family/friend visit is too risky. That’s why we highly recommend that you keep all of your belongings like lifetime savings, jewelry and other items in a safe or safety deposit box. Other than that, arm your house with its home security system to ensure your house, pets and other items are safe.

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Always Keep your Garage Door Closed

Since your garage leads directly into your home, it is imperative that you keep it closed at all times, especially when you’re at home. An overhead garage door contact is an additional security measure that you can use.

Keep Sliding Glass Doors Secured

Use a pipe or a metal bar and set it in the middle bottom track of your glass patio door slide. Ensure that the length of the pipe or the bar is the same length as the track. Additional security measures include installing a glass break sensor, which alerts when or if your glass door or windows have been shattered.

Trick Burglars into Thinking Someone is in Your House

If you’re going to go away for quite a while, then you had best let likely robbers know that someone is still at home. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up your radio or television on in a room near the front door or other entry points like the first-floor windows or side doors. You can also use motion detectors and exterior lighting to reduce a burglar’s chances of hiding.

One of the best ways to have burglars think that you’re at home is to use a Fake TV. You can set them to come at a predetermined time each day that you’re on vacation, say from 7pm to 11pm. They are quite realistic when seen through closed drapes.

You can check out the best Fake TV’s here:

Top 5 Fake TV Simulators

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Maximal PowerFakeTVGXG Fake TV
Replicates 27 inch, HDTVSimulates 40 inch TVMimics 42 inch TV
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Lower The Ring Volume of Your Telephone

If you’re away from home for a while, then crooks will notice no one’s home, especially if they don’t answer their phone whenever it rings or receive their newspaper or mail. Instead, set the volume of your phone really low and have your neighbor or close friend collect your mail and newspaper on your behalf.

Make Use of Fire Resistant Building Materials

Living in a wooden house is the last thing you need in case of a fire incident. That’s why whenever you buy or renovate a house, be sure to use fire resistant materials in your home. You should especially pay close attention to siding and roofing materials which encase your entire house. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you to get fire resistant materials for your home as long as you do your homework and look it up online.

Don’t Leave Burning Flames or Candles Unattended

Open flames or candles should be kept out of reach from children and handled only by responsible adults. And one must never leave any of those flame sources unattended, for there is a chance your house might be set on fire. Be sure to also teach your young ones about the dangers of playing with matches and lighters.

Don’t Leave Stove Or Other Fire Sources On Behind Your Back

Another possibility of your house catching fire is when you’ve left either your outdoor grill, hot irons or burning stove tops unattended. Always double check to make sure they’re completely off. Also, ensure to have added measures such as heat sensors or carbon monoxide detectors installed in order to protect your home and family from potential fires.

Douse Cigars or Cigarette Butts With Water Before Tossing Them Away

If cigar and cigarette butts are thrown away just like that, then they can start a fire. So before tossing them away, ensure that they are completely doused in water.

Store Away Fire Hazards

Be sure to keep firewood as well as other combustibles away from your home to prevent any chances of starting an unprecedented fire incident.

What about Security Cameras?

If you’re willing to spend a bit of money to keep your home safe, then you might want to consider a home security system. There are a huge range of options, from around a hundred dollars and  a single camera, to systems with 16+ cameras and a massive hard drive for storage.

You can check out our top picks here: The Best Home Security Systems.

Best OverallMost AffordableEasiest to Set Up
Lorex Security SystemEzviz Home SecurityArlo Security System
Lorex-Home-Security-System-ReviewEZVIZ home surveillance systemarlo-security-system
8 channel, motorized dome cameras4 weatherproof cameras2 wireless HD cameras
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

If you have a very limited budget, you could also consider some dummy security cameras. They look pretty realistic, if you’re a burglar looking from the street.

Elderly Home Safety Tips

If you’re looking for some additional home safety tips for the elderly, then you’ll need to check this out:

Home Safety Tips for Seniors. 

Home Safety Tips: Have your Say!

Any tips or tricks for keeping your home safe and secure? What are your favourite home safety tips? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.


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