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Sliding Glass Door Locks: Why you Need Them

What could be a more beautiful enhancement to any home or office space than a sliding glass door?

A great addition to your home or office, sliding doors are inviting. They bring warmth to your home or office, and welcome guests.

Unfortunately, they are inviting to burglars too.

Having the proper sliding glass door lock is essential to protect your home and business.

You have invested in home security cameras and installed them correctly. You maybe even have solar powered motion sensor lights, or fake security cameras around your house.

It’s time to go further. When making your home and office secure having the proper sliding glass door lock is essential.

Knowing the dangers of sliding glass doors when unsecured, understanding the technology in the home and office security and using your sliding glass door properly will allow you the peace of mind to enjoy your home or office.

The bad news first. Without proper security, sliding glass doors can be a beautiful, but dangerous, addition to your home.

Keep on reading for everything you need to know about sliding glass door locks. Or, take a look at our chart that compares some of the top brands.

Compare Sliding Glass Door Locks

1. Understand The Dangers

Unfortunately one of the nicest enhancements to your home or office comes with a degree of danger. Sliding glass doors can welcome criminals and be dangerous in the event of an emergency.

Open the police department’s crime summary or crime log in your local newspaper and you’re bound to find warnings like this one picked at random:

Don’t let this be you.

With violent crime rates escalating in the United States there is no better time to take every precaution when caring for your assets, your home, your employees, and most importantly, your family.

Sliding glass doors can be a hindrance to exiting your home of office in the event of an emergency. Traditional locks and security methods create unnecessary barriers to exiting in a secure manner.

However, the benefits of installing the proper sliding glass door lock in your home or office is that they are safer, easier to use, and more secure.

Today’s technology offers a variety of products for sliding glass door locks that will help keep criminals away while allowing your family and employees to exit rapidly in the event of an emergency.

Since technology has revolutionized every aspect of home security, it’s safe to say sliding glass door locks have benefited as well.

New to sliding glass door lock technology? There are many aspects of new technology that will help protect your home and office.

How to Install Sliding Glass Door Locks

2. Capitalize on Technology with your Sliding Glass Door Lock

So many clients invest in security cameras and alarm systems and neglect one of the most basic entrances to their home or office. Their sliding glass door lock is antiquated and is inviting disaster.

Cutting edge technology for a home alarm system won’t help if your ancient method of using old locks and makeshift barriers can’t keep your home safe. Often the sliding glass door is the favorite entrance and exit of employees and family members.

Or, it’s so barricaded security measures have made the door unusable and dangerous in the event of an emergency.

We’ve all seen this. Enter a home or office with cutting edge camera systems and the sliding glass door is held secure with a piece of scrap wood.

Luckily, advances in technology have made the newest sliding glass door lock choices easy to use and secure.

Keyless Sliding Glass Door Locks

How long have we been using keyless technology to keep our cars and trucks safe? Isn’t the security of your home or office just as important?

Or even more so?

Using digital keypads allows users to lock or unlock your sliding glass door lock from inside or outside the building. As a result, doors are less likely to be left unlocked.

Sliding Glass Door Locks: Stronger Than Ever

Stronger than typical locks, these locks offer a more secure solution for your home or office. And if you still have the difficult to use and unsecure traditional locks, the new technology will astound you.

Integrated into security systems, this capability makes the best use of each of your home and office security investments.

Also, if you have invested in wireless security systems for your home and office why not employ this technology for your door locks?

How to Secure Sliding Patio Doors

Wireless is the Way

When protecting your home and business– your family and your assets– you already know that wireless is the way to go. But investing in security cameras is unfortunately not enough.

New technology is on its way to make your door lock integrated with smartphone technology and apps. What could be more secure than to invest in the very best technology has to offer?

Once installed, your new sliding door locks will offer a number of benefits to your family and employees.

3. Enjoy Your Sliding Glass Door Lock

Luckily advances in technology have made the newest sliding door lock choices easy to use and secure. Rather than stuck behind unwieldy barriers, your family and employees will use your sliding glass doors frequently and safely.

Isn’t that what doors are for? To be used?

As long as they aren’t used by criminals!

Keep Safe with Sliding Glass Door Locks

By now we have all heard the devastating story of Tamika McClelland, whose ex-boyfriend smashed through her sliding glass door and set her home on fire moments after her children escaped.

This is only one of many tragedies that could easily be avoided with the same investment in security most direct to other aspects of their home or office.

The peace of mind that comes with keeping your home or office safe will help you enjoy the space.

Easy to Use

Since these new glass door locks are easier to use than traditional locks, and since many offer wireless enhancements, you will be making the greatest use of your facilities’ assets. When combined with wireless technology and remote apps users can activate their locks from anywhere.

Not only are these new door locks easy to use, they are easy to upgrade to.

4. Upgrade to a Sliding Glass Door Lock

Since the benefits of upgrading to new sliding door locks are clear, the only question is how long can you wait to make the change?

One of the best places to buy a sliding glass door lock is on Amazon. One of our favourites is this Digital Door Lock. It’s one of the few digital locks that is compatible with a sliding glass door. It has some great customer reviews on Amazon and is very affordably priced. Check out this keyless sliding glass door lock on Amazon today:

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