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Learn about how to use a spy pen

Have you ever seen a recording spy pen up close and personal? Perhaps you’ve only encountered them in movies but had no idea that there are actually real ones. Many people these days make use of spy pens for a lot of different reasons.

It’s important to know how to use a spy camera pen if you intend to investigate something without being obvious. You should also research on the benefits that these spy pen recorders can provide so that you know if it’s really worth spending your money on.

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What is a Spy Pen?

You’ll be surprised to see that spy pens look and work like real pens. Most people cannot tell the difference. When you’re using a spy pen, it’ll never be obvious that you are!

The only real difference is that it has a recording device inside of it. Most of them allow you to take pictures, video and some of them even have audio capabilities. The quality, features and length of recording time depends on the quality of the pen that you get.

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The Best Spy Pens

Ready to learn how to use a spy pen? Keep on reading for the details, including charging and troubleshooting.

How to Use a Spy Pen Recorder

Here are a few simple steps for using a spy pen camera:

1. Press and hold the top button for up to 10 seconds or until the indicator light turns on. The light signals the pen’s readiness to record.

2. A short press on the button stops the recording. Usually, once the recording stops, the video automatically gets saved.

3. For some recording spy pens, there may be no light indicator but simply pushing the button already starts the recording.

4. You can download and check out the video footage on a computer.

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Take Pictures and Record Audio Clips with a Recording Spy Pen

A spy pen recorder is an innovative invention used for taking pictures and recording video and audio clips discreetly. Because it’s very small and handy, it can easily be brought to different places by investigators. It is also used by civilians for a variety of purposes.

The inner components of a spy pen are a miniature versions of those used in electronic gadgets. A tiny viewing lens is placed by manufacturers near the top of the pen case. There is also a microphone which allows you to record audio.

How to Charge a Spy Pen Camera?

A common question is how to charge a spy pen camera. We recommend checking the instructions for your specific model of spy pen because charging requirements vary.

First Charge

Some pens come to the consumer without a charge, so may require a lengthy first charge of 4-5 hours.

On the other hand, some spy pens with cameras come fully charged and ready to go from the first second you get them.

Subsequent Charges

Most spy pens have an LED indicator light so you can see whether your pen is charging, or not. A steady, solid light usually indicates a full charge among many of the popular models. A blinking light is often a sign that the device is still charging.

Of course, it varies between models and brands.

Charging Methods for Spy Pen Recorders

There are various ways to charge a spy pen, depending on the model. Many of them have a USD cable that connects directly to your computer.

Some have a USB adaptor, while others plug directly into the wall. In our experience, the ones with the direct USB connection are most convenient because you can transfer data, as well as charge the device at the same time.

How to Maximize Battery Life-Span

People often find that the battery on a spy pen camera is the first thing to go, and it’s the reason they have to replace it. It’s important to follow these tips:

  • Never charge your spy pen in extreme heat or cold
  • Try to drain the battery most of the way before charging it again
  • Turn off the pen when not in use to reduce the amount of charging cycles the device goes through
  • Pay close attention to overcharging (unplug the device as soon as you notice it’s fully charged).

Learn more about Charging a Spy Pen with Camera

Do You Really Need a Spy Camera Pen?

If you’re not working in the police force or connected with any private investigation institution, you may not actually need a spy camera pen. However, some ordinary people (like me and you) like to buy this as an interesting gift or just to have fun with it.

Kids love to use them too! (Check out Spy Gear for Kids). It’s kind of tool toy for a Christmas or Birthday gift for that aspiring James Bond in your life.

Here are just a few of the situation where you might want to use a spy pen camera:

  • Important situation/activities (indoors and outdoors)
  • Interviews
  • Meetings/conferences
  • Kids’ presentation in school
  • Secret shoppers
  • Harassment cases

Use a Spy Pen Cam for an Important Interview

If you have an important interview coming up, why not consider using a spy pen camera. You can turn it on before going into the interview and leave it in your briefcase or messenger bag.

That way, you can go back later and recall all the important details about the job description, salary, etc. that you may have missed during the initial go-around.

Spy Pen Cameras: Perfect for Secret Shoppers

Some people also use spy pens for recording events inconspicuously. For example, if you’re a secret shopper who needs to check and show how the establishment looks like as well as the products, what the employees are doing, etc.

It’s often the case that a company (grocery stores) for example won’t want you to go around taking pictures of their prices and products. However, a spy pen camera allows you to do this a bit more discreetly than pulling out your camera or cellphone.

A spy pen camera can also function like your regular cellphone camera. For example, when you need to memorize a particular number so you take a quick picture instead.

Spy Pen Recorders: Use for Harassment Cases

Another use could be if your work colleagues, fellow students or teachers are harassing you. The spy pen camera will allow you to catch them in the act. Maybe you’re traveling, or have other reasons not to want carrying a big camera around all the time.

Smartphones have cameras as well, but in some areas you don’t want to show your expensive smartphone. It’s also much easier to take the pen out of the pocket and take a picture instantly. Maybe you’re a student who wants to easily take pictures or record the classes. All of these things are possible with a spy pen.

How Do You Use a Spy Pen Camera?

It’s very easy to use a spy pen camera. It usually comes complete with instructions. There are sometimes YouTube videos for particular brand of pen with hidden camera as well. Usually, you just have to press a button to record a video or audio file or to snap an image.

Some of these cameras even have motion-activated surveillance cameras. You can get them started by flicking them. Check out the individual product description to see what features each one has.

How Long Do Ordinary, Recording Spy Pens Last When Fully Charged?

An average or ordinary spy pen usually lasts for up to 100 minutes when fully charged. Since it cannot last very long, you can just turn it off when not in use. It’s simple to switch them on and off without other people noticing.

These days, there are some modern spy pens that claim to last for longer than this. You can verify this through feedback of previous buyers. We recommend reading the product reviews on Amazon very closely.

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Also, you can now opt to buy an extra battery to charge at home and replace the other one when it runs out of power.

Can You Add a Memory Card to a Spy Pen Recorder?

Most spy pens are not like spy glasses that can have a memory card slot. Usually, a spy pen recorder will simply have a specific number of pictures and length of video that are allowed within its capacity.

However, now that memory cards have gotten much smaller, you can have a ton of recording time even in such a small package.

Check out this hidden camera pen with a 32 GB memory card. It has enough capacity for just about any need that you might have within a single day or recording.

Where Can I Purchase a Pen Spy Camera?

Many people believe that carrying a spy pen with you wherever you go can come in handy. If you happen to chance upon an illegal act or something you would like to report, you can use the spy camera pen instead of your cellphone so as not to attract attention.

You can also use this to take images of important information, street signs, and more. Indeed anyone can be creative with the potential uses of spy pens. If you’ve decided that you want a spy pen camera you’ll probably want to know where you can get a good spy pen – look no further:


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My Pen Camera Isn’t Working

Okay, so suddenly, your spy pen camera stops working, Before returning it to the manufacturer (if under warranty still), or buying a new one, try out these tips:

  • Ensure that the spy pen is fully charged. It may seem obvious, but it’s worth a try.
  • Perhaps the memory card is full? Upload the footage to your computer and clear the memory on the pen
  • Do a hard reset. It varies from brand to brand (check the instruction booklet), but often, you can insert a paperclip in the opening below the status light on the back. When you meet resistance, push lightly until the button resets
  • Perhaps it’s the USB cable? They often break before the pen itself does. Try another one to see it that works. Also try another power source
  • Switch from photo to video mode, or vice-versa.
  • Erase and Reformat the spy pen. You can do this by clicking on the icon on your computer, and then choosing format, and quick format.

Learn more here:

How to Fix a Spy Pen Camera

Cheap Spy Pen Camera

When looking for a spy pen I wanted to find one that was able to take HD pictures as well as record HD audio and video. What’s a camera worth if you can’t see what’s in the picture? That’s not a difficult task, however, finding one at a reasonable price is.

Luckily I found Cheap Spy Pen which can take HD pictures as well as record both HD video and audio. The spy pen feels like quality, and it functions like a normal pen as well. Putting the pen into my suits front pocket made me feel very much like James Bond.

One Easy Click to Start Recording

It’s easy to use – one click on the top and it starts to record. Its battery lasts hours on a charge, and should the battery run out mid-recording the data is saved in the pen.

The video resolution is 1280 x 720, which is impressive for such a small camera. The 4gb mini SD card allows for 45-60 minutes of HD recording. If you need to record for longer periods you should consider looking at spy pens with a higher memory (8-32gb). However, for most purposes, this one will do nicely.

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Spy Pen Camera: Have your Say!

What’s your advice for using a spy pen cam? Do you have a favourite brand that you’d like to recommend? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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