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Review of GSmade Hidden Spy Pen Camera

An Introduction to the GSmade Hidden Spy Pen Camera

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line hidden spy pen camera, then this one from GSmade is a nice choice. There are plenty of cheap ones out there that don’t really work that well. However, the GSmade one is one of the best, and is a top-quality device that most people are really happy with.

Here are just a few of the features that you’ll find in this spy pen with camera:

  • High capacity 32 GB memory card
  • Night vision and motion detection capabilities
  • High quality photos and videos (audio quality is a bit lower)

While it is a bit more expensive than some of the other products, you get what you pay for. In this case, you get a top-quality piece of spy gear that does the job it’s designed to do!

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Where to Buy this Hidden Camera Pen

Spy pens can be pretty difficult to find in stores. There are often some very cheap ones in toy stores, but if you’re looking for a higher-quality one suitable for adults, you may be out of luck.

In our experience, the best place to look is on Amazon. There are a wide range of choices to suit just about any budget.

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What People are Saying about the GSmade Spy Pen

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“The quality of this spy pen is great and it fees like it’ll last a long time. The video quality is excellent as well, and certainly good enough for my needs.” 

“The sound and video quality of this spy pen camera are great, but it didn’t record for as long of time as I hoped it would. It seems to top out at around 1 minute. I’m not sure if I just got a dud, or this was how the product was designed.”

“I’m sure satisfied with this product! I bought it for a Christmas gift for my 12 year old, and he loves playing around with it. The strange this is the pretty short battery life, combined with a huge amount of storage. Hopefully the company will improve on this for their next one.”

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When to Use a Hidden Spy Camera Pen?

There are lots of situation where you might want to use a spy camera pen. Just a few of them include:

  • Harassment cases
  • To record an important meeting or interview
  • Secret shopping
  • When you want to have a small camera with you anywhere you go

For more details about spy pens, you’ll want to check this out: How do Spy Pen Cameras Work?

GSmade Hidden Spy Pen Camera Pros:

  • 32 GB memory card included
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Motion detection enabled
  • Can take photos as well as videos
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

GSmade Hidden Spy Pen Camera Cons:

  • One of the more expensive spy pens with camera on the market today
  • Only 1 hour of battery life after a 3-hour charge

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The Top Picks for Hidden Spy Pen Camera

Best OverallBest High-End Spy PenBest for Kids
GSMade Spy PenFBI GradeSpy Gear Set
32 GB HD32 GB, 1080 PPen, night goggles, etc.
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How to Use the GSmade Spy Pen with Camera

This spy camera is very easy to operate, even for children. Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

For Videos

  • Press the function button until the blue light turns on. When the light turns green, it’s now recording.
  • To stop recording, press the function button once, and the light will turn blue. This means that it’s in standby mode again.

For Photos

  • Press the function button until you see the blue light.
  • Once it’s in standby mode, press the function button quickly twice, which means the pen is in photo mode.
  • Press the button once to take a photo.
  • Pressing the button quickly twice will put it back into standby mode.

For Motion Detection

  • Put the pen into standby mode by pressing the button once. You’ll see the blue light.
  • Press the function button 4x quickly. You’ll see the green light flash.
  • It’s now in motion detection mode.
  • You can press the button 4x quickly again to put it back into standby.

How to Use the GSmade Spy Pen with Camera

The Takeaway on the GSmade Hidden Spy Camera Pen

If you’re looking for a high-quality spy pen with camera, then look no further than this one from GSmade. Among those on the market today, this one is probably one of the best.

The video and photo quality are excellent, and the audio quality is good enough. There is a huge 32 GB memory card that comes along with it, and a battery life of 1 hour. This is enough for most people’s needs for a few minutes here and there.

In terms of customer ratings and reviews, people seem to generally like this spy pen. Compared to some of the other brands out there, with cheaper spy pens, this one is significantly better. It’s not just a cheap kids toy, but it’s suitable for adults to use in a variety of situations.

Sounds like the piece of spy gear you need? You can take a look at all the details for yourself, as well as customer ratings and reviews.

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