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FBI Grade Spy Video Pen Review

The FBI Grade Spy Video Pen is probably the highest-quality spy video pen offered on Amazon today. It may appear like an ordinary pen we see at the bookstores but believe it or not, this writing material can be your most trusted spy in the world! Unbelievable but true, this device has an FBI-quality spy video camera.

No one will even notice you’re using the pen to spy on someone as there is no blinking light indicating the video recording. You won’t find it hard to use this extraordinary pen-cum-spy camera. Its one-touch top button already automatically records what you have to document.

The FBI Grade Spy Video Pen is available on Amazon:

This Spy Cam Pen isn’t Cheap!

The FBI Grade Spy Video Pen may be costly compare to the other spy pens or even security cameras you see in the market. It is priced higher than most other spy pen cameras, but this is definitely worth spending for! Aside from writing, this product helps you solve mysteries either at home or in the office.

You need not hire an investigator or detective to follow a family member or co-worker and see what’s going on why he is acting strange lately. Even if you capture a snapshot or record video from a distance, you can still get the best quality in both video with audio, and still photos. The crystal clear quality of the camera lens will let you view clearly the goings on be it indoors or outdoors.

You can use this video pen for whatever purpose it may serve you. Parents buy the product too, to capture special and rare reactions and gestures of their child. Whether it’s a sweet smile, first words uttered or first few steps taken, the FBI Grade Spy Video Pen can efficiently record those unforgettable moments. No software is needed either, for you to upload the recorded videos and photos in our computer. The good news is that, this pen is compatible with both PC and MAC computers.

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Key Features of the FBI Grade Spy Video Pen:

  • Has 8GB capacity
  • Capable of both audio and video recording
  • Clear video
  • Does not blink while recording (just during the first seconds)
  • One-touch button to start recording
  • Compact for easy and convenient bringing
  • High-speed video


The FBI Grade Spy Video Pen cons:

  • The price
  • No-blink feature may cause the owner to worry
  • 8GB capacity might not be enough for heavy monitoring
  • Pen-type spy camera tends to easily get lost

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The Takeaway on the FBI Grade Spy Video Pen:

Don’t miss special events whether positive or negative in both your career and personal life. Own an FBI Grade Spy Video Pen to solve all your doubts. If you’re not on a mission of discovering something, you can still find this writing material and compact spy camera helpful.

You can use it to help you memorize important details from a meeting or a boss’ instruction. You can also use this to take down notes and at the same time record an interview with a VIP.

It’s just a one-time spending you can benefit from for a long time. Even the professionals in the investigative field trust this. But regardless of your job, you definitely need the FBI Grade Spy Video Pen. Its compact and lightweight that you are sure to find it so convenient to use.

You can even show this spy device to anyone and everyone without telling them you’re on a secret mission of spying a person or investigating a situation. The very tiny attached to camera this pen has is not that visible. The 8GB memory allows you to record hours and hours of special moments and that’s what makes a must-have.

You can easily purchase the FBI Grade Spy Video Pen on Amazon:


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