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Review of the Littleadd Hidden Camera

The Littleadd Hidden Camera is ideal for parents with small children at home. It allows them to work worry-free in the office while the kids stay at home with their nanny. This security device is what every parent needs to ensure his child’s safety and protection. For a reasonable price, one can already own a security gadget to check and review the goings-on inside his house while he is away. Even Nannies will be careful with their every action knowing that there is a hidden camera within the area.

“This is a very nice item. It’s easy to install and you don’t even know there’s a camera. It looks like normal smoke detector.”

With this low amount, one gets to own a high quality security device. It has a built in camera that takes and records impressive photos and videos respectively. The better news is that, the user can document as many photos and videos as he wants with the 8GB microSD card that comes with the package. It there’s the better news, there’s definitely the best. The device owner can expand the memory capacity to up to 32GB. It is so simple to install this security gadget. It is even hidden when installed so the device does not consume too much space wherever on wants to put it.

“This is a great idea! I got one of these to put in the office. I like that it has a motion device so that you do not need to record the whole time.”

The Littleadd Hidden Camera is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the Littleadd Hidden Camera:

  • Functions as a hidden camera cum smoke detector
  • Takes good quality pictures and videos
  • With 18-hour continuous recording
  • Comes with an 8GB microSD card
  • Expandable memory up to 32GB
  • An energy-saving device
  • Easy to charge and connect to the PC through the US B cable
  • Comes with a remote control for ease of use from a distance
  • 1-year warranty
  • Full lifetime technical support

Review of this Popular Hidden Security Camera


The Littleadd Hidden Camera Cons:

  • 32GB microSD card not included for memory expansion
  • Not smoke-detecting function (just looks like one)
  • Need to insert the 8GB microSD card to make the device work

The Takeaway on the Littleadd Hidden Camera:

Are you looking for a security camera that you can install at home without the other people knowing about it? Consider the Littleadd Hidden Camera. When you have this at home, it’s like just having a smoke detector on your ceiling. In reality though, this high quality gadget does not detect smoke. No one will ever think a camera is on, documenting movements within the area.

Hiring a nanny is now worry-free with this hidden camera. You don’t have to tell her where exactly you installed it. But you can let her know that such a device is monitoring her every move. Leave the camera rolling all day without worrying about the battery life exhaustion. As long as the device is fully charged, you can guarantee 18 straight hours of seamless photo-taking and video-recording.

This is definitely a great option to keep your children away from harmful situations when you’re out. Hit the button below and be led to the Amazon page to buy the Littleadd Hidden Camera today:


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