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HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Review

The HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is a top-quality peephole door camera. Since this is a video doorbell, this techie item has a built-in that takes and records clear photos and videos respectively. With this feature, one no longer needs to go out and talk to everyone ringing the bell or knocking at the door.

He can talk to his visitors remotely or chat with them when needed. WiFi and Internet connection, and mobile phone or tablet are what an individual needs to make this video doorbell work.

“Installation and setup was a breeze after fixing my network issue. I love that the iOS app is pretty straight forward and uncomplicated to get up and running. Overall, it’s a great product at a very reasonable price. Thank you!”

Easy Set-Up and Installation

The HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is so easy to install and set up. The device’s package comes with an easy-to-follow user manual that anyone can effortlessly do the installation. For someone who’s worried about strange actions outside his house, this security gadget instantly sends an alert or notification to its owner’s iOS or Android-run device. Definitely, the HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell makes one more confident and alert about the goings-on around him.

“The HooToo Doorbell has been a very nice addition to our home security set-up. I use this on a daily basis. We are huge Amazon Prime shoppers, and almost always have deliveries to our house so it’s really nice to check and see who’s at the door before opening it.”

Buy this Top-Quality Video Doorbell

The HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is now available on Amazon:

Compare Video Doorbells

If you’re looking to beef up your home security, then consider adding a video doorbell to the mix like this one from HooToo. Or, check out this comparison chart below for even more options.

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Worth Spending For

Since it is easy to set up by just simply mounting it like any ordinary doorstep, this item has become a favorite in the said website. Indeed, many households prefer this highly technological security device that it soon became a sold-out. Expensive or not, this Wifi-dependent gadget is undoubtedly worthy to spend for. Any individual will surely not mind shelling out a hundred dollars (or even more) to ensure his loved ones’ safety and protection.

“This will be a huge addition to the security of my house. Notifications come straight to your phone/tablet and you are able to see who is at the door instantly.”

Key Features of the HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell:

  • Compatible with both Android and Apple devices
  • Sends and receives notifications to the device at an instant
  • Easy-setup and installation
  • Allows the user to pre-screen people at the doorstep
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Clear vision and audio
  • High-quality camera


The HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Cons:

  • MicroSD card not included (needs to purchase separately)
  • Internet and Wifi connection needed for easy access
  • Stock currently unavailable (but will be back soon)

The Takeaway on the HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell:

Now is the time to replace your ordinary doorbell at home. Why settle for the one that’s just ringing when you can have something more special at a reasonable price? Consider the HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell to guarantee your home and your loved ones’ security. Isn’t it exciting to learn that with this gadget, you’ll have the capacity to know who your visitors are even before they knock at your door or ring your doorbell?

Are there days when stranger knock and you want to interview them before entertaining them? This is the right security device for you. Using the video camera, you can talk to your visitor remotely and ask everything you want to know about that particular visit.

This is a perfect must-have too, especially during the times when you’re not feeling well. You can tell your friends and relatives to just come back another day when you’re well. Here’s the best news! Up to five members of the family can access the HooToo video doorbell. This then means total security for your whole household.

Check out stocks available and prices on sale for this product. Go to the Amazon page to buy the HooToo Wi-Fi Video Doorbell today:


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