8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen Review



Review of the 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen

The 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen is not your ordinary writing pen. It is an all-in-one writing instrument you can use to record visually and audibly. Write important notes during a meeting with this pen, and at the same time, record the voices of key-people who speak at the conference. Even important phone calls and surveillance can be done by this light object that’s why it’s a bestseller especially among the managers and executives of companies.  This product appears to be just your regular pen so that the people in your team who are under surveillance won’t even notice you’re recording them word for word.

“I am using this pen to record meetings and it is doing a fine job.”

The 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen is actually not just for office use. It is also designed for parents with very shy kids! If you can relate to this, then, this product is also for you. Do you need to record your son or daughter’s project and submit it later to his teacher but he is too shy to have his voice recorded? Use this recorder pen as if you’re just asking your child to recite while you listen and pretend to be writing something. You shy kid won’t even notice you’re recording him or her as he or she recites.

“This is a very useful item. I wear it at meetings and my people do not realize that I am recording the meeting. I do this so that I can review it at a later time and make notes.”

Spy Pens for Secretaries

Secretaries should invest in a high-quality pen like the 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen. When getting directions and dictations from their boss, there’s no easier way than recording the instructions without them being noticed. Definitely, this will result in efficiency once they get evaluated for their performance. It doesn’t matter how long the meeting or conference takes! This extraordinary pen can record hours and hours of conversations.

“It picks up sounds and voices very well. Wear the pen on my pocket or collar and it gets all interactions nicely.”

The 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen is an all-purpose device that records voice, meetings, conversations, surveillance, and other significant situations. You can get it from the TMart website:

Key Features of the 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen:

  • High-quality multipurpose pen
  • Can record for a long time for up to 32 hours
  • With an 8GB memory
  • Operates on lithium battery
  • MP3 audio format
  • With built-in microphone for excellent recording
  • Reasonable price ($40)


The 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen Cons:

  • Only works on MP3 format
  • Has an Asian format so needs to be formatted in English to be easily understood
  • Detects almost all sounds (even the background which may affect the recording quality)

The Takeaway on the 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen:

Are you the forgetful type of person? Are you having difficulty remembering even the simplest instructions either from your parents, teachers or boss? Then, what you need is an 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen. Scribble just the words you remember and you can always go back to those you missed with this thin and light yet functional pen. If you are apprehensive about the battery life, worry no more! This pen is operated with a high-quality lithium battery which is known to have lasted for a long time.

You won’t have any problem storing your recordings with this Asian bestseller in pens if you don’t have the time yet to transcribe or go back to it. This pen recorder has an 8GB capacity which is equivalent to many hours of recording. There’s no way you won’t understand how to use this product either. It comes with both English- and Chinese-translated manuals that you can easily follow.

Don’t miss important details in your meeting especially if you’re investigating an employee or situation. Purchase the 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen from the TMart website and start recording accurately:

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