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Top 5 Nanny Cams for Your Unique and Practical Monitoring

Do you want to ensure security inside your house? Install a security device designed for indoor use. But as you do, don’t let anyone know about it, especially the outsiders. That’s what our Top 5 Nanny Cams are here for. We want to help you choose the best security device you can afford and at the same time, truly depend on. That is why the products we included in our list are those you can hide from people.

This time, our basis in including the items in our Top 5 Nanny cams is not on price but on uniqueness. Our nanny cameras in the list at all items no one (even you) would ever think to be functioning as spy camera. They are mostly decorations that appear to be the ordinary ornaments in the living room or bedroom.

Don’t worry. Even if we did not arrange the Top 5 Nanny Cams according to price, they are still as reasonable as they should be. Read on and discover which among these five devices suits your security preference and need.

#1: Romhn Clothes Hook Hidden Camera


Are you suspecting that someone’s sneaking inside your room to touch or steal your things when you’re asleep? Then, our No. 1 in the Top 5 Nanny Cams is a perfect must-have for you.

Install the Romhn Clothes Hook Hidden Camera on the wall facing the area where your personal belongings are kept. With this device inside your room, no one will ever know you’re monitoring a person’s every move.

The Romhn Clothes Hook Hidden Camera looks like an ordinary clothes hook. For a reasonable price, this security gadget has already many impressive features. It comes with a built-in camera that’s hidden for secret surveillance. You can guarantee continuous and clear video-recording or photo-taking using this clothes cook cum camera. It comes with an 8GB microSD card where you can store your photos and videos. These special features mentioned are sure to leave your suspect no room for denial.

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#2: SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera


We highly recommend the SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera to those who are always on the go and want to ensure their safety all the time. This device appears like any ordinary water bottle but it performs a la heavy duty security camera.

One can fill-in the bottle with real water as if it functions just as a thirst-quencher. This is considered an extremely covert device that no one will notice its monitoring features. The item operates through a battery with long life. Therefore, its user can monitor people around him for 20 hours straight.

If you opt for this mini hidden camera you will surely find your money’s worth. This bottle camera comes with an 8GB microSD card for continuous picture-taking and video-recording. And if you prefer a bigger memory capacity, the SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera can support up to 64GB for memory expansion. What makes this water bottle camera unique is that, you can simply sport it as if you’re just holding the ordinary bottled water for hydration.

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#3: Wiseup HD WIFI Network Hidden Camera


Next in the list is the Wiseup HD WIFI Network Hidden Camera. This is for individuals who are always out but want to ensure their home’s safety. If you want to closely monitor someone or something without being noticed, this device is for you.

This covert spy camera is perfect for you especially that you don’t want to be obvious that a security device is actually on to monitor a suspicious area inside your home. With this innovative device, what appears to be a regular wall clock is a super covert camera that takes and records high quality pictures and videos.

If you are busy in the office but you still find time to check your family back home, you’ll find our third in the Top 5 Nanny Cams a perfect must-have.  And, because this is a Wi-Fi-enabled camera, you can easily access the goings-on at home even if you’re at work by using your smartphone, tablet or camera.

The good thing about this security gadget is that, four members of your household can access to it. Both parents can now check the kids anytime of the day, anywhere they are. The device comes with an 8GB microSD card so there’s no need to worry about running out of storage capacity.

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#4: Alarm Clock Radio HD Spy Camera


If you’re a parent and if you’re suspecting that your child is not studying his lessons or not making his homework while inside his room, the Alarm Clock Radio HD Spy Camera is for you. It can capture your child’s every move without him noticing it.

This spy camera looks like an ordinary alarm clock and is 100 percent hidden so no one at home will ever think you are monitoring every event taking place there. When you place this on top of his side table beside the lampshade, your son or daughter will think you just bought something to ensure he or she wakes up right on time.

You can take hours and hours of monitoring with this covert security camera. With the 16GB microSD card that comes with the package, you can document many different high-quality photos and videos for your review later. Definitely, there’s no way any member of the family will discover that there is a security camera inside the room. This is simply because this radio clock camera functions mainly as an alarm clock.

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#5: Littleadd Hidden Camera


Do you have small children at home? Then, the Littleadd Hidden Camera is best for you. It allows you to work worry-free in the office while your kids stay at home with their nanny. This security device is what every parent needs to ensure his child’s safety and protection.

For a reasonable price, your can already own a security gadget to check and review the goings-on inside your house while you are away. Even Nannies will be careful with their every action knowing that there is a hidden camera within the area.

It has a built-in camera that takes and records impressive photos and videos respectively. The better news is that, you can document as many photos and videos as you want with the 8GB microSD card that comes with the package. It there’s the better news, there’s definitely the best. You can expand the memory capacity to up to 32GB. It is so simple to install this security gadget. It is even hidden when installed so the device does not consume too much space wherever you want to put it.

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