Exploring Body Worn Cameras for Your Benefit


Yes, you can be like Sherlock Holmes too when you incorporate body worn cameras in your clothing or accessories. Oftentimes, you only see this happening in the films or read about it in books. But guess what? There are many different tiny cameras that you can use to investigate something in secrecy or to provide added protection, such as a pinhole video camera, a spy button camera, and spy watches too. Learn more about these so you can pick out the best one for your needs, whether or not you are an authentic private investigator.

What is a Pinhole Spy Camera?

A pinhole spy camera is a type of hidden camera that’s usually smaller than a dime. Often this is installed on drop ceilings and drywalls for indoor recording. It’s also incorporated in various items such as in a spy pen or for a spy button camera.

A long time ago, this type of camera is only utilized by law enforcement officials and private investigators. However, you can now easily avail them. This is why you must find out first your state’s laws about the use of such spy cameras or you might get yourself in a legal bind.

How Do You Benefit from a Body Worn Camera?

The most obvious benefit of choosing to use a body worn camera is the fact that it’s tiny, low-key, and unobtrusive. In this manner, you won’t draw attention to yourself even if you take pictures or videos. Other people will also not be aware that you are actually spying.

Body worn cameras can be very valuable and effective when conducting investigations and gathering evidence discreetly. They are great law enforcement tools.

What are the Common Features of a Button Spy Camera?

A button spy camera is one form of a body worn camera that’s very lightweight and can be made to look like an ordinary button on a shirt. Thus, nobody will really detect that you have a surveillance camera on you.

Hidden beneath the button is the pinhole camera with photo shooting and video capturing capabilities. There’s usually a micro SD card included too so as to save the files. You can opt for black and white or colored images, depending on the model you pick.

Some also have added features like night vision and waterproof facilities.

Hats with Spy Camera

One great option for body worn spy cameras is in a hat. This is especially true if this is what you normally wear, or if you want to film something outside. The best hats with built-in spy cameras are stylish, and come with audio as well as video capability. They also have remote controls so you can start filming at the appropriate time. Check out our #1 pick over on Amazon for the full product description as well as reviews:

Glasses with Spy Camera

Another option for body worn spy cameras is with glasses. The best ones have audio as well as video capabilities as well as allowing you to control them with the touch of a button. They’re also light, durable and very comfortable to wear. And of course they’re stylish too so nobody will wonder why you’re wearing them! Check out our top pick for glasses with built-in spy cameras over on Amazon:

How Do You Use Spy Watches?

Another option you have for body worn cameras is spy watches. There are plenty of different designs for spy watches, and you can pick out a nice-looking one that will never give others the idea that it’s a spy camera.

A spy watch also contains a pinhole camera inside along with a slot for a memory card. There are also some that come with a good amount of built-in memory. Just wear the watch and position it properly in order to take pictures or record videos. Then you can play back the files by connecting the watch to your computer through a USB port.

Many spy watches are also waterproof so that the files don’t get destroyed in case you end up in a pool or get splashed with water.

Check out our top pick for spy watches over on Amazon. Priced at under $100, it has a ton of features including waterproofness, 1080 recording, night vision, and an 8gb memory card. Plus it’s stylish too! Head over to Amazon today to see all the features as well as reviews:

What are the Limitations of a Pinhole Video Camera?

When you use a pinhole video camera, you cannot expect to capture images and videos with wide angles. The view is only limited. Also, you should expect that such spy cameras will not work as well in dark places.

This kind of video camera is also not able to play back videos at once or without connecting to a computer or similar electronic gadget.

How Do You Select a Good Spy Button Camera?

When you go shopping for a spy button camera, there are certain factors you have to take into account. For instance, you ought to double-check the image that comes out in the play back of the video captured. It might not be worth your money, if you can’t tell the objects apart from one another or if people seem blurred. You need to test the camera first or read lots of reviews to help you decide on a good one.

Moreover, be clear with your purpose so that you can limit your options easily. Will a spy pen be more useful or will a spy watch be more effective? Find out the features of each type so that you won’t waste your money on a particular model with special features that you don’t really need. What’s more, you must definitely pick the right size depending on how you intend to use it. If you will be buying a button spy camera, you ought to make sure that it will fit behind your shirt and that the button will be of the same color, size, and style so as not to look out of place.

Of course you can look into the manufacturer too. Choose one that is trusted when it comes to security and surveillance gadgets. This way, you know you’re getting good quality and can enjoy lasting durability.


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