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Review of the Yi Home Camera Security System

Yi Home Camera Introduction

If you’re looking for an affordable home security solution, the Yi Home Camera may just fit the bill. It’s 1/4 the price of some of the more expensive options out there, but still has a ton of features that you’ll love, including motion detection alerts, 2-way audio, and card or cloud storage options.

The thing we love best about Yi is that multiple people can use multiple cameras under 1 single account. This is a very convenient way for everyone in your family to be able to keep an eye on a pet, check who’s at the front door, or watch for a crying baby at night. You could also use this camera to keep an eye on an expensive toy like a boat or trailer that’s in a storage facility.

As far as the quality goes, you get what you pay for. In this case, video quality is reasonable, but many people report that the 2-way audio doesn’t really work that well. However, for the price? Most people are happy enough with it.

Buy the Yi Security Camera with Night Vision

The best place to find the Yi Home security camera is on Amazon. You can check it out for yourself there:


Features of the Yi Home Camera

  • Full HD recording with wide angle view
  • Two-way audio via Wi-Fi connection
  • Night vision which automatically turns on in low light conditions
  • Alerts for baby crying, and motion detection, along with 7 days of free storage in the cloud
  • App allows up to 5 family members to view multiple cameras at any time, on the same account
  • Supports up to a 32 GB memory card, or you can upgrade to cloud storage

Find out more details about the Yi Home Camera in the video below:

Yi Security Camera Pros

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to consider the Yi Home Camera for your security needs. Just a few of the things we like include the following:

  • Can be accessed by multiple people on a single account
  • Reasonably easy set-up
  • Card, or cloud storage options
  • Alerts for crying babies, and motion
  • Very affordable, compared to some of the other smart home security cameras.

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What People are Saying about the Yi Home Surveillance System

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“Very easy to set up and the picture quality is quite good. My only real complaint is that the sound quality isn’t stellar, and it’s not easy to hear anything above the regular noises in the house. But, I’m very happy overall, especially when you consider the price.”

“I was recently bedridden due to a surgery, so I bought this thing. It enables me to see who’s at the front door and speak to them. Very useful!”

“I got these so I could keep an eye on my dogs while I was at work, and they work great for that. The mobile app is awesome and easy to get all hooked up and running.”

Yi Home Security Camera Cons

  • The camera only records for a very short time-frame after motion is detected, and it’s difficult/impossible to change this feature, even with an SD card.
  • The app has ads to up-sell additional storage options which some customers weren’t happy with.
  • Some reports of difficultly connecting to the Wi-Fi network (on 5g).
  • Not compatible with Alexa, like many of their competitors

How to Set up the Yi Smart Home Security Camera

Learn more about setting up your Yi Home surveillance camera in the video below:

Compare Indoor Wireless Security Cameras

Check out some of the options for smart home security systems, in a range of price points:

Or, check out our reviews of two of the higher-end options for smart home Wi-Fi Cameras.

For our money? We’d probably just spend a bit more to get a higher-quality camera with more features and customizable options. Our favourite of the two below is the SENS8.

Amazon Cloud Cam Review

SENS8 Home Security Camera 

Yi Home Security Camera vs. Wyze Smart Home Camera


Wyze Wireless Smart Home Camera

Two of the lower end option for indoor wireless security cameras are this one from Yi, and the Wyze Smart Home Camera. Which one is right for you?

We give the edge to the Wyze system. It’s usually a little bit cheaper, but just seems to work better. People like the video, as well as audio quality. There’s a 14-day, rolling cloud storage option that’s included for free.

—>Check Current Prices on the Wyze Camera Here<—

The package includes a mounting kit that allows you to put it anywhere without screws. The main negative to the Wyze camera is the motion detection system. Some of the negative reviews mention the camera picking up a fly, but not a person.

You can check out the Wyze system for yourself over on Amazon:


The Takeaway on the Yi Home Camera

If you’re looking for an affordable home security device to keep an eye on your baby at night, or talk to your pet while you’re at work, the Yi Home Camera may just suit your needs. It’s far cheaper than some of their competitors but it works well enough that most people are pretty happy with it.

What you do miss out on are premium audio and video quality, but for the price, it’s good enough. We love that the motion detection feature works reasonably well, and also that you you have the option of cloud storage or SD card.

Most people find that the Yi Security System is easy to get up and running, even with multiple cameras and multiple users. The software on the App in intuitive and user-friendly.

Sounds like exactly what you need to keep your home and family safe, or check on pets or the baby? Check it out for yourself over on Amazon:


Yi Home Camera: Have your Say!

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