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Lorex by Flir is one of the most trusted names in home security and surveillance. They make some of the highest quality security cameras available today. The best part? Lorex cameras can be installed easily if you’re even just a little bit handy.

We’ll get into some of the most common Lorex by Flir FAQ’s. But, before that, if you want some help in deciding whether or not these are the right security cameras for you, check out: Lorex Home Security System Review.


FAQs about Lorex by Flir

Lorex by Fir FAQ #1: NVR vs DVR

You may see NVR and DVR being thrown around when you’re doing some research about home or business security cameras. What do these terms mean? Let’s find out!

NVR: Network Video Recorders are digital

DVR: Digital Video Records are analog

While they offer much of the same in the way of functions, there are a few differences to be aware of.

  • DVRs receive the video feed from analog security cameras, encode it and then store it on a hard drive.
  • NVRs receive footage that is already encoded and compressed by the digital security camera

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Lorex by Flir FAQ #2: How Many Cameras Can I Connect to my NVR or DVR?

The number of cameras that you can connect depends on the number of available channels that you have. For example, if you have an 8 channel DVR, you can connect up to 8 cameras. Some common DVRs have 4,8,16 or 32 available spots.

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Lorex by Flir FAQ #3: Are Lorex Security Cameras Waterproof?

Most outdoor Lorex security cameras as weatherproof, and are rated to IP66. This Ingress Protection rating system indicates how resistant something is to dust or liquids.

A rating of 66 on this scale means that Lorex cameras are totally resistant to dust, and can withstand low pressure jets from any direction. This means that they’ll work in almost any climate or kind of conditions.

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Lorex by Flir FAQ #4: Do Lorex Cameras have Audio Capabilities?

Some Lorex cameras have a built in microphone that allows them to detect sound. This can be very useful to understand and interpret events that may occur off-screen.

However, please note that audio recording is not legal in every jurisdiction. Please check your local laws before enabling this feature on your home security system.

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Lorex by Flir FAQ #5: How are the Surveillance Cameras Powered?

The way the camera is powered depends on the kind of camera you get. All Lorex cameras include a Siamese RG59 BNC cable. There is a split in the end with one part for power and the other for video.

The advantage to this is that you can plug MPX in near the DVR instead of next to the camera itself.

For an IP camera, you also don’t need to plug it in near the camera itself because they’re powered by the Ethernet cable that is connected to the NVR.

Wireless cameras do not mean that they don’t require power. It just means that there is no cable from them to the DVR. They do have to be plugged in to a power outlet near the camera.

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Lorex by Flir FAQ #6: What is the Range of a Wireless Camera?

Lorex wireless cameras have a range of 500 ft or 137 m, as long as there is a clear line of sight and they are outdoors. This is the distance between the camera and the receiver.

Indoors, you’ll have a lower range because there are walls that the transmission has to pass through.

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Lorex by Flir FAQ #7: How to Install Them

The good news is that most people are able to install Lorex home security systems by themselves, with a few tools and some handyman/handywoman skills. If you get stuck, the company has some excellent customer support.

See how Easy it is Here:

Lorex by Flir FAQ #8: Problems with Installation?

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Lorex FAQ #9: Do I Need an Internet Connection to Use Lorex Security Cameras?


Is home security without Internet possible?

A great question if you don’t have Wi-Fi at your home or business is whether or not these security devices will work. The answer is simple.

If you are using a wireless Lorex camera that’s connected to a hard drive, you don’t need an Internet connection.

Their IP cameras are enabled with basic functions without Internet. However, their full range of functions does require Internet.

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Lorex FAQ’s: Any Questions?

Do you have a burning question about Lorex home security systems that you’d like answered? Leave a comment here and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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