Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt Review



Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt

The Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt has an impressive compact design for convenient use. It is an indoor wireless network camera ideal those with babies and small kids in the family. Guaranteed a high-quality device, this camera allows the user to view and at the same time, record HD-quality videos remotely through a smartphone or tablet.

This camera has the ability, as well, to look around and capture happenings through its pan-tilt feature. Certainly a flexible security camera, the owner can simply position this device on the counter-top. It is best to have the camera wall-mounted to, at the nursery room’s entrance or where the baby is usually staying. The choice is also his, if he wants to have the camera mounted on the wall, ceiling, or anywhere inside the house convenient for him to install.

“I wanted a camera that I could pan and tilt with without having to spend an arm and a leg. This one from Lorex does that and also provides for 2-way audio along with a built-in alarm. For the price this system can’t be beaten. I also like the warranty for this product.”

You can easily get it from Amazon:

Not Tech-Savvy? No Problem with Lorex!

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to operate the Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt. By simply connecting the security gadget to the WiFi network and setting it up on a smartphone, you can remotely view your baby’s activities at home in just a few minutes.

Lorex has a reputation for having easy DIY installation, even with the most complicated home security systems. We LOVE that here at Spy Cameras reviewed.

Expand the Range of Monitoring with the Pan-Tilt Feature

What sets this product apart is that you can expand the range of his monitoring with the help of the pan-tilt feature. Through this capability, you can set guards for the camera’s automatic movement. The pan-tilt has the ability to monitor actions directly from the smartphone, as well.

This Lorex product casts all worries away! Its dual-lens separates the day and night viewing functions. One lens is designed for daytime monitoring while the other is for nighttime watching.

“This is a great product. It has a very clear picture in day time and night mode. I’m very happy with my Lorex security camera.”

This security camera is one of the most impressive devices we’ve reviewed and it is definitely reasonably priced. If you are looking for a gadget that will secure your family without you spending much, this one’s highly recommended.

Key Features of the Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt:

  • Expanded view through the remote ‘pan and tilt’ control
  • Compatible with any device (PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone)
  • Works with any program (iOS or Android)
  • With built-in speaker and microphone
  • Can record on MicroSD card and view from computer or smartphone simultaneously
  • Real-time recording or snapshot-taking
  • Night vision of up to 30-feet range
  • Does not charge monthly fees


The Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt Cons:

    • Does not guarantee clear night vision
    • MicroSD card not included and should be bought separately
    • Needs fast Internet connection to work efficiently
    • 30-feet range may not be consistent (depending on the scene or object reflection)
    • Requires an Internet connection for the full range of features

The Takeaway on the Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt:

If you want to ensure your little ones’ safety and protection at home day and night, invest in a high-quality security camera. Investment needs not be that much. The Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt has special built-in speaker and microphone features that let you clearly hear sounds back home. You can even communicate back to your family to make sure they’re okay or see if they’re in trouble.

The Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt is definitely worth its price. With a whole range of features this device has, you get to monitor your family anytime, anywhere in the world. Aside from the built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to converse with anyone from home to know their condition there, there are push notifications and E-mail alerts, too.

These two notify you with the real-time goings-on at home along with a snapshot attachment. All members of the family can be hooked up to this IP security camera as it can support up to 20 users simultaneously.

The Lorex Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt is available for purchase on Amazon:


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