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Lorex Wireless Camera Problems

Lorex wireless cameras as well as all Lorex security systems are designed to be very to install and setup. This is one reason that Lorex is one of the leading names in home and business security. Most people are able to install their security system in a few hours with a few basic tools. For more details on installing Lorex security systems, please see:

How to Install Lorex Security Cameras

However, it really is possible to run into problems along the way when you’re installing your Lorex wireless camera home security system. We’ll outline a few of the most common Lorex wireless cameras problems that you might run into, as well as some solutions.

Lorex Wireless Camera Problem #1: No picture or Signal

You install everything, hook up the wires, turn on your Lorex home security system and hope to see some action. Nothing! Just a blank screen. Hopefully the solution is an easy one. Did you:

  • Did you plug everything into a power source? Be sure to turn your power bar on too, if you plugged a cord into one.
  • Make sure all cables are attached to a DVR or TV.
  • Be sure the channel/input is correct. This will vary by TV or DVR so be sure to check the manual.
  • The signal is too far or obstructed. This can be caused by building materials, distance, etc. Hold the camera up next to the receiver to rule out this problem.
  • Are the camera and received paired? They should come paired already when you order a Lorex wireless camera. However, you may need to do this manually again. Check the manual that came with your security system for more details.

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Lorex Wireless Camera Problem #2: Competing Signals

Security cameras use a 2.4 GHz frequency. Many other products in your home use this same frequency. Lorex recommends upgrading to a dual band router so you can have a 5GHz and a 2.4GHz signal. This way, your security system won’t have to compete for bandwidth will all your other devices. It’s easier than you might think to set this up. Basically, you just need to get that aforementioned dual band router and follow the set-up instructions that come along with it.

Lorex Wireless Camera Problem #3: Poor Picture at Night

You may sometimes see bright spots in the picture when using your Lorex security system at night. This is often because the camera is inside, pointed towards the outside. If your goal is to see what’s going on outside, it’s recommended that you install the camera outside! However, it’s best to install it somewhere protected from the elements, such as under an eavestrough. Although they are outdoor cameras, they aren’t built to withstand a beating from the weather.

You may also see these bright spots if the camera lens is dirty. Clean it carefully with a damp camera cloth.

Lorex Night Vision Information

Lorex Wireless Camera Problem #4: The Night Vision Doesn’t Work

So you got yourself a sweet new camera from Lorex complete with night vision! You’re ready to try it out. Except it doesn’t work. A common problem is that there is too much light for this feature to become activated. Wait until it gets darker! Or, perhaps you’ve just installed it in a place that doesn’t really need night vision? Perhaps it’s pointing at a street light that stays on all night?

Lorex Wireless Camera Problem #5: There is No Color

If you always see black and white, but are expecting color, you may be disappointed! The problem is that the camera isn’t getting enough light. You should reinstall it somewhere else in order to get better picture quality.

Lorex Wireless Camera Problem #6: Poor Picture Quality

Just because a security camera is an “outdoor” one doesn’t mean it will stand up to abuse. Like any electronic gadget, some TLC goes a long way to ensuring your investment lasts a long time. Lorex recommends installing outdoor cameras away from the elements if at all possible. They are weatherproof but a constant barrage of rain, snow and hail will damage them. Remember, they are an electronic item and we all know that these things and water don’t really mix that well!

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A Different Lorex Wireless Camera Problem?

Comment below with your Lorex home security system problem and we’ll do our best to help you out with some solid advice, or point you in the right direction.

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  1. 1 camera on my Lorex wireless systems stopped recording after just one week, the retailer swapped the tablet and all was good……for an afternoon! Now the motion detection on both cameras seems to be degraded and nothing records when I set scheduled recording, just get the blue camera symbol all the time? I’ve adjusted the motion setting to high and tried scheduling with motion on and off?. I have only had it installed for about ten days and the cameras are outside but under cover.

  2. One of my four LW3211 Lorex cameras after working fine for a couple of days stopped showing colors. I reboot the camera, flashing bright light into night sensor… No help. It shows basic picture in MONOCHROME. Blue sky you can see are blue… Some very-very week red. Rest of the spectrum – brownish-grey monochrome.

  3. Jacqueline Bolen on

    Contact the company. They have some solid customer service and should be able to get you up and running in no time.

  4. My Lorex 4 cameras/Dvr go offline FREQUENTLY. I had to go several weeks without viewing then I tried hooking up to a kasa plug allowing me to “reboot” when I lose contact. It now sometimes takes several reboots to get it running again. I did see a utube a while back that indicated that replacing power cord fixed his problem, but the man doing the utube was more tech savvy than I am. Does this system have a history of this type of problem. Our cabin is 20 miles away from a store carrying electronics so I have a problem with trial and error process.

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