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Review of the Uniden Two-Way Radio

The Uniden Two-Way Radio is one of the easiest to use handled radios today. A lot of parents opt for it because of the reliable features it has not just for communication but security function, as well. Don’t gauge your judgment much on the ratings if you are considering this communication device.  At a reasonable cost, this walkie talkie works excellently as if it is something very expensive.

“This walkie talkie is small and great for kids. For the price, it’s well worth it.”

Once you try it, you will realize that this two-way radio is worth its price (or even worthier).  It has 22 channels to choose from for a guaranteed clear delivery of communication. There’s a specific caller tone too, that alerts you when someone using a handheld radio is calling you. Certainly, this is a perfect companion especially when you get lost in a place you are not familiar with. The Uniden Two-way radio’s scan feature lets you find some people in your area.

“These walkie talkies were great for our purpose. Our kids used them for years with no concerns, and that was a LOT of use.”

If you’re looking for some spy gadgets for kids, look no further! This is a durable, affordable walkie talkie that makes an excellent birthday or Christmas present.

The Uniden Two-Way Radio is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the Uniden Two-Way Radio:

  • Comes in a set of two
  • 22 channels
  • Scan feature to help find people in an area
  • 16-mile range
  • Battery operated (AAA)
  • Power-saving feature for longer battery life
  • With belt clips
  • Ideal for children’s safety

Uniden Walkie Talkie Review


The Uniden Two-Way Radio Cons:

  • License required
  • Not for big groups as it comes with only 2 units
  • Weather might affect the range and quality of communication

The Takeaway on the Uniden Two-Way Radio:

If you want a two-way radio which you can use not just to communicate with others, consider the Uniden Two-Way Radio. When you’re out for a hunting or hiking activity with your family, be sure that your child has one of the two radios that come with the set. With a feature that lets you find others with an area, there’s no way that your son or daughter will get lost wherever he or she goes. It is battery operated and it has two belt clips for stronger support on the unit.

You can share messages, secret and not, with others within the 16-mile range using the Uniden Two-Way Radio. Another reason for you to opt for this product is that, even if it’s battery operated, you won’t spend much for replacements. Both radios in the said have power-saving feature go guarantee longer life for your batteries.

Not only that, alkaline batteries have longer life by nature. Prove yourself that all the impressive features mentioned here are for real by owning this affordable yet high-quality gadget.

Visit the Amazon page to purchase the Uniden Two-Way Radio today:


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