How to Install Lorex Security Cameras



How to Install Lorex Security Cameras

If you’re looking for information about Lorex Security Camera Installation, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to point you in the right direction for some help with installing Lorex Security Cameras. But first of all, if you’re looking to buy a Lorex Camera, the place you’ll need to look is here:

Lorex Security Cameras: Advantages, Disadvantages, etc.

Are Lorex Security Cameras Hard to Install?

If you’re a handyman or handywoman that’s decent with technology, it won’t be hard for you at all! Get out your drill, make a few holes, put those cameras up and hook up the wires. Then set up the computer end of things. Your Lorex security system will be up and running in no time. If you consider yourself moderately handy, then with a bit of help (reading the instructions/watching recommend videos/tech support), you should be able to do it easily enough. Lorex says that they design their security systems to be DIY friendly. Many people are able to get Lorex home security systems up and running in only a couple of hours.

However, maybe you’re not that handy, nor are you good at computer stuff. In this case, you’ll likely find it very difficult. In this case, we recommend hiring a company to help you. You can search on Google for: security camera installation (city you live in). For example: security camera installation Vancouver. Call a few places and compare prices. Of course, always check reviews online.

What Tools do I Need to Install Lorex Cameras?

The most basic thing you’ll need to install security cameras is a drill. The size and strength of the drill will depend on the exterior of your house. See this example where a guy installed Lorex security cameras on his brick wallsInstallation at your house may be easier than this, depending on the material on your wall. If you need to buy a drill, go to a place like Home Depot. Ask what they recommend for your specific situation. You should also have a few screwdrivers handy during the installation process.

Where to Install Lorex Security Cameras?

Now that you’re ready to install your security cameras, you should consider the best places. According to this blog, the best places to install surveillance cameras are:

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Off-street windows
  • Backyard/ side gate
  • Basement stairs

The Lorex website recommends keeping the following things in mind when installing your security cameras. They should be placed in:

  • High places, under shelter
  • Pointing away from lights
  • In obvious places
  • Where cables can be hidden

How to Install Lorex Security Cameras

How do you actually go about installing Lorex Security Cameras? The good news is that the instruction manual that comes along with your system is quite good. It’s complete with step by step instructions and lots of pictures. Check out their website for a brief overview of the process: How to Install Lorex Security Cameras.

We also strongly recommend watching these “How-to” videos on Youtube:

How to: Tutorial on Extension Cables and Camera Mounting

How to: CCTV Installation

How to: Lorex Security DVR Ports

What if I Need Help Installing my Lorex Camera?

If you run into trouble while installation your Lorex Camera, the company has a technical department that you can call. The number is: 1-877-755-6739. It’s open from 9am-10pm Monday-Saturday. You can also submit a support ticket and get some help via email.

Not Sure Which Lorex Security Camera is for You?

Check out: Lorex Security Cameras for a brief overview of your options and prices. You’ll see our recommendation on which one will work for you.


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