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Review of the Masione Dummy Security Camera

Seeing a Masione Dummy Security Camera is like seeing a real CCTV camera. No one will notice it’s a fake unless he comes near and touch it. Many opt for this product because, aside from its affordable price, it is features-filled. Physically, this protective gadget appears authentic as if it really guards all day and night. This impressive score makes the outdoor security camera a bestseller.

“These dummy security cameras look realistic and have kept my neighbors kids away from my house. As young teens, they have let the air out of my tires, thrown rocks in my pool and constantly leave trash around my house. I’m so happy to have an affordable option for avoiding this hassle.”

The Masione Dummy Security Camera is available on Amazon:

Compare Fake Security Cameras

If you’re looking for some affordable home security options, look no further. We love to supplement real home security systems (like this one from Lorex) with some cheap, dummy security cameras. Check out this comparison chart below for even more dummy security camera options:

Masione Fake Security Camera Preview

Affordable Home Protection with the Masione Security Camera

The Masione Dummy Security Camera is reasonably priced. One who owns this is sure make everyone in the neighborhood believe that he just installed an authentic spy camera. There are security stickers for each camera in the package. They indicate the place’s total protection. Definitely worth its price, this dummy CCTV camera set also comes with a complete mounting adjustable hardware for easy installation.

“From a short distance, these cameras look authentic, especially if the cord is tucked away and a visible hard line is nearby that looks like a genuine wired camera.”

Anyone who intends to scare the burglars away will surely succeed. This dummy security camera has a flashing LED light making sure that it is visible in the dark.

Check out the Masione Indoor/Outdoor Dummy Camera

Key Features of the Masione Dummy Security Camera:

  • The affordable price
  • With 4 cameras
  • Comes with security stickers
  • With flashing LED feature to make it appear real
  • Masione Security Cameras are easy-to-operate
  • Only 2 AA batteries needed
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor use
  • One of the best fake security cameras you can buy


What People are Saying about Masione Security Cameras

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“I love these things. They’re quite realistic and came with everything I needed to install them quickly and easily.”

“Masione security cameras are great for the price and look realistic from a distance. They look like fake cameras when you’re up close, but that’s the same as with most of them, and not a particular flaw of this brand.”

Masione Dummy Security Camera Cons:

The Takeaway on the Masione Dummy Security Camera:

If you want to make everybody at home, in your neighborhood or in the whole community to believe that your place is all-secured, have the Masione Dummy Security Camera. Install it on the walls, ceilings or posts in the area. If thieves and other criminals see the device hanging, they will hesitate to come near and pursue their dangerous plan.

Another advantage of the Masione Dummy Security Camera is the cost. The intruders might try to break it to make sure they’re not leaving an evidence when. Remember, this high-quality dummy camera’s price  an affordable home security alternative. Why spend much for your house and family’s guaranteed safety and protection when you can actually make it happen at such a low cost?

Afforable home protection? We LOVE that here at Spy Cameras Reviewed. And we’re sure you will too. Check out this popular product for yourself today.

Purchase the Masione Dummy Security Camera on Amazon today and spend worry-free day and night all the time.


Where to Put Fake Security Cameras?

Okay, so you’ve got your new Masione Security Cameras, but aren’t sure where to put them. You’ll want to check out all the details here: Where to Put Dummy Security Cameras. Or, here are a few quick tips about security camera placement.

Keep them Under Cover

Keep them out of the rain. Although fake security cameras don’t have any moving parts, and won’t “break” if you expose them to the elements, it’ll be very obvious that they’re fake.

Front and Back Doors

Any real security system would have a security camera pointed at these key entry points into a house. You should do the same thing with your fake cameras.

Ensuring Good Coverage of your Entire Property

If you had 4 real security cameras, you’d ensure that they covered your property well. Front and back door, and perhaps one on side of the house. Or, one of them pointed at your storage shed or garage. Make things more realistic by doing the same with your fake cameras.

Not at Eye Level

Keep your dummy cameras high, and out of reach, just like you’d place a regular security camera.

More details about Security Camera Placement Here:

Masione Security Camera: Have your Say!

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