Spy Drones: How to Use Them and Why


How and Why to Use Spy Drones

With all the new, fascinating technological inventions at hand, it would be such a terrific pity not to take advantage of them. Things like a spy drone have made all our lives more interesting, fun and easy. But how can you use them? What advantages do they offer? You’re on the right page to find out exactly that. Keep on reading for all the details about spy drones and how and why to use them.

The “Why” Part of Using Drones with Cameras

If you need reasons to get a spy drone, we have plenty of that:
– You can keep track of suspicious activity around your neighborhood. This is particularly useful if you’ve had robberies or other crimes in the area.

– If you have a teenage kid that’s up to mischief, coming in late at night or hanging around people they’re not supposed to, you can keep an eye on them without being suspected.

– If you think your partner might be unfaithful, but don’t want to confront them so you won’t seem needy, a spy drone is small, inconspicuous and fast.

-Should you need evidence of any wrongdoing, and up to date information about the status of your property, a spy drone can help you act fast.

-If you live in an area with a lot of varmints, like coyotes, and you want to keep track of their activity without being noticed, a spy drone is way better than a static surveillance camera that doesn’t move.

-Should a robber actually try to get into your house and then get scared and run away, a spy drone can follow them so the police can catch them.

-If you want to act fast in case of an accident or an emergency, a spy drone can send you all the necessary alarms for that.

-If you’re into bird watching or nature observation, you may want to infiltrate in a flock, swarm or herd for more realistic pictures and videos. For this purpose, you can disguise yourself as an innocent fly that can accompany said flock or herd undetected.

So basically, a spy drone is a modern, efficient surveillance system that allows you to stay undetected. But that doesn’t mean you can use this sort of drone to break the law, so you need to read more on spy drones and the legislation on how to use them.

The “How” part

The Academy of Model Aeronautics has devised safety guidelines so that the use of spy drones in your community is perfectly safe, so you can start with those. But if you want to further this knowledge, here’s how you can use the drones safely:

-The drone should always stay below 400 feet.

-You should avoid any aerial obstacles, to prevent any accidents. Even if spy drones are very small, they can still produce damage like short-circuits.

-If there are manned aircraft operations nearby, you should never interfere with those.
You should avoid flying into any planes, helicopters or other aircrafts to make sure accidents don’t take place.

-If there are any people, properties or vehicles on your way, you should maintain a safe distance above them.

-If you’ve consumed any alcohol, drone flying is prohibited. Same goes for drug use.

-Make sure using the drones in a particular place is safe and that you’ve read all the instructions about how to use it very carefully.

-You should respect the individual privacy of people at all times.

Key Points to Remember about Using Spy Drones 

Some of these guidelines might be a little confusing, while others might sound a bit vague, especially the last one. How can you respect people’s right to privacy and spy them at the same time? To help you make more sense of this, let’s review some of the key things you need to do:

1. Inform the Neighbors

If there’s been any misconduct or illegal activity in your neighborhood and you want to use the spy drone to get more evidence about that, you should let your neighbors know what you’re doing. That means you should tell them:
-Why you’re using the drone.
-How exactly you’re gathering the information.
-How you’re recording the info.
-Who you’re sharing the evidence with and how.

Even if you’re just using a spy drone for nature observation, it would still be a good idea to let your neighbors know. After all, you’ll be flying over their houses too, and who knows what images the drone will actually capture. In our experience, people are usually okay with a drone near their house if they know what your’e doing. So, please inform people!

2. The Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

This is the key term that tells you exactly how much privacy someone has: a reasonable amount. So can you go spying on your next door neighbor while they’re getting undressed and ready for bed? No. So basically, you need people’s consent if you want to record them. This means that you shouldn’t cross their property lines with a spy drone. You also shouldn’t linger with the drone too much around the windows or stalk them in any other way. But there’s a “but”.

If you’re absolutely sure about what your neighbor is doing and you don’t have time to alert the police so they can take over, you have a loophole in this rule. You should alert the authorities while you’re getting the incriminating evidence, so don’t go full rogue or it might become really dangerous.

3. Use the Blur Option

What about if you’ve captured any people on film that aren’t doing anything wrong? And there are so many that you can’t possibly find them all and ask for their permission to let you film them? In this case, blur their faces.
So if there are any bystanders while your spy drone is after that perfect sunset with a pack of stray dogs, or after an escaped bank robber, you should definitely blur their faces.

With that in mind, make sure you keep the pace with all the new regulations. The drone privacy rules are constantly changing. People’s privacies are constantly being abused by other people who don’t care, so the legislation is always changing. Other than that, have fun with your drone, and let us know how things go. The comment section awaits.

4. Only for Good!

The key thing to remember in all this is our #1 rule: only for good! As with all spy gear, or surveillance cameras, use them only for good purposes. To protect yourself, your property or your family. Or to have some fun with family and friends. Other people have the right to privacy and to not be filmed without consent. Please respect this always.

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