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Review of this lighter with hidden camera

Review of the Lighter Hidden Spy Camera

The Lighter Hidden Spy Camera is one of the smallest and lightest to bring cameras one can depend on when spying on someone. It is also best for a person who wants to record conversation without secretly.

Most of the time, people who purchase this compact spy gadget are the ones whom others know as smokers. They simply put the lighter beside their pack of cigarette without their companions knowing that they are being recorded.

This cute hidden camera is also among the cheapest nanny cams that we’ve reviewed here at Spy Cameras Reviewed. 

“This hidden camera is great, the operation is also very convenient to use.”

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Despite the small size and light weight, this lighter camera has many different features. It functions as a plug and play device which one can use to view photos and videos on the computer. What’s amazing is that, this tiny little thing can support a micro TF card with a maximum memory capacity of 32GB.

“This is so easy to operate. It has clear video and it continues to for work about 2.5 hours.”

The Lighter Hidden Spy Camera is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the Lighter Hidden Spy Camera:

  • Has a plug-and-play function
  • Records up to 1 hour with a fully-charged battery
  • Produces clear audio and video recording
  • Memory capacity is expandable to up to 32GB
  • Auto shutoff feature to save battery life
  • Comes with a USB slot interface
  • Affordably priced hidden nanny cam

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The Lighter Hidden Spy Camera Cons:

  • TF card not included
  • Just for short-term recording/documenting
  • Not for those who prefer bigger monitoring range

How to Use a Hidden Camera Lighter

The Takeaway on the Lighter Hidden Spy Camera:

If you want to make sure you’re getting everything covered while in an important meeting or conversation, be sure to have the Lighter Hidden Spy Camera. Can’t you just imagine how a small piece of what many mistakenly consider as a lighter can do everything a heavy-duty surveillance camera can do? And what’s good about it is that, no one will even notice you are recording the situation because the camera is hidden!

If what you need is something to keep you company for a short-term recording, this is a perfect must-have. It records up to one hour of conversation or event. Be sure though, that the battery is fully charged.

Don’t worry too much about the battery life. If the Lighter Hidden Spy Camera is in a standby mode for more than a minute without you doing something, the power automatically turns off.

There’s no way for you not to opt for this very affordable compact surveillance device. It is easy to use and it is compatible with most of the frequently used operating systems like Windows XP, and Vista, among others.

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