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Review of the Mpow Bright Solar Light

The Mpow Bright Solar Light is brighter than the other solar lights available today. It is a 20-LED solar light that has some excellent user reviews. Ideal for garden or fence lighting, this outdoor device is something many households look forward to securing their home.

It is not that expensive so most people can afford to have this solar light outside their home. The Mpow Bright Solar Light functions not just to provide light in the dark. It also protects an abode from the possible entry of the burglars.

“This is a terrific light. It works way better than I would have imagined. It says it’s rated at 440 Lumens and I believe it!”

Sure, it’s ideal to have top of the light home security system like this one from Lorex if you want to protect your home or business. But, if you’re on a tight budget, things like solar powered lights, Fake TV’s, or dummy security cameras can go a long way towards crime prevention.

Compare the Best Solar Powered Security Lights

Features-filled at a reasonable price

One needs much to own a highly dependable eco-friendly outdoor lighting fixture. At such a reasonable price, the user gets to choose the lighting mode he prefers. He may opt for the strong light sensor mode to make sure he gets everything covered in the dark. What’s more impressive about this Amazon high-rater is that, it can cover up to 26-feet range. Therefore one who has quite a huge garden will always have peace of mind because no stranger is ever going to successfully break in without being seen.

“Awesome solar powered motion activated light. The light came on as described, lit the area very well and then turned off a few minutes later.”

Review of MPOW Solar Powered Lights

Three modes for a bright surrounding

There are three lighting sensor modes one can choose from to ensure bright surrounding. First, the Mpow Bright Solar Light has the strong long light mode wherein the light remains bright and strong until it fades in the dark.

The second option is the dim light sensor mode where the light is dim in the dark when no one is around. It brightens strong though when someone comes near.

The third, the strong light sensor mode works when, at night, the light is strongly bright when people come near. However, after 15 seconds, the light turns off automatically. What make this particular solar light brighter than the others are the bigger LED lights that come with it.

“I was extremely happy having installed this over the door in the backyard. The motions sensor is plenty sensitive and kicks the light on with no issues.”

The Mpow Bright Solar Light is available on Amazon:

Key Features of the Mpow Bright Solar Light:

  • A very reasonable price
  • Comes with a 20-LED light
  • Ideal for garden, fence and garage lighting
  • With motion sensor
  • Easily lights even with the weakest motion
  • Different modes to choose from
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality sensor ball head
  • Fast-charging battery
  • Can light up a range of up to 26 feet


The Mpow Bright Solar Light Cons:

  • Some complaints about the motion sensor
  • Does not reach the 26-range brightness according to some
  • Need to come very near for the motion sensor to work

The Takeaway on the Mpow Bright Solar Light:

If you were already familiar with this brand but never impressed before, consider the Mpow Bright Solar Light today. This is a better version of what you once knew. The makers have updated its motion and ray sensor features that they’ve become stronger.

Now, the light can detect people and movement within the 26-feet range. More so, outdoor lighting fixture guarantees more durability even when it rains heavily. The double-layer construction and inner loop are now protecting the device, making it 100-percent waterproof. Don’t waste any more time and place your order now.

Visit the Amazon page to buy the Mpow Bright Solar Light today:


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