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Review of the Floureon 2 Way Radio

The Floureon 2 Way Radio is best for anyone for his communication need. However, it is highly recommended for those with kids at home who love to go on outdoor activities. Families with children will definitely love this device because all members will be in constant communication with one another especially when in an outdoor fun. Bike riding, skateboarding, mountain climbing or simple hide ‘n’ seek game are more fun when there are two-way radios that make interactions smoother and more seamless all the time.

“Works well. I use these for my kids when they are riding or skateboarding around the neighborhood or going over to friends’ homes in the neighborhood.”

The Floureon 2 Way Radio is one of the most affordable walkie talkies available in the market today. For a very reasonable price, this communication device features 22 channels and has up to two-mile range.

A child can depend on the Floureon 2 Way Radio in any time of trouble. Say, he gets lost out in the forest while hiking with his family. He can clearly hear his parents’ instructions in finding his way back. Indeed, this walkie talkie boasts of excellent sound quality with its volume level that is adjustable.

It also makes an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for a child interested in real spy gadgets.

“Wow!! The first thing I thought when unboxing these was the quality. They don’t feel cheap at all.”

The Floureon 2 Way Radio is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the Floureon 2 Way Radio:

  • In pack of 4 units of 2-way radio
  • Batter-operated (AA)
  • Up to 3-mile range
  • Supports 22 channels
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Features LCD backlight
  • With built-in microphone
  • With 10 tones to choose from

Floureon 2-Way Radio Review


The Floureon 2 Way Radio Cons:

  • Batteries not included
  • May not work properly during adverse weather
  • Tall buildings may affect the range

The Takeaway on the Floureon 2 Way Radio:

Make outdoor activities with your kids more fun and exciting with the Floureon 2 Way Radio.  If you’re a parent and you’re afraid of losing your children while outdoors, be sure to equip them with this ever-reliable communication gadget. Your child will never worry even if he is in a crowded and noisy area and he seems to have lost his way. Each of the four units that come with the pack has the ability to mute the noise in the background so he can clearly communicate with other people to find the right path back.

Definitely, this low-cost two-way radio set is designed for your outdoor escapades. It is lightweight and compact so there’s always a space for the device inside your luggage. There’s no way this will slip from you hand, as well, with its firm grip feature.

Not only that! You can also guarantee to have a strong hold of this walkie talkie as it has a belt clip so it stays attached to you even when you’re not using it. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore if mobile phone signals are at their lowest during out-of-town trips or family outing. With the Floureon 2 Way Radio for the whole family, communication is always available anytime, anywhere you are.

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