Alarm Clock Camera: To Buy or Not to Buy


One of the types of spy cameras becoming more popular today is the alarm clock camera. So should you buy one or go for another form such as spy glasses, spy pens, and spy buttons?

Before you waste your money on an alarm clock camera that doesn’t work properly, be sure to find out first the important elements of a remarkable alarm clock spy cam. Learn about the special features being offered today as well as the uses, benefits, and setbacks.

How Can You Use an Alarm Clock Camera?

It’s very easy to use an alarm clock camera because it usually comes in package form, meaning that you don’t have to install the camera separately in your existing alarm clock. Also, you can easily follow given instructions when you purchase this.

Simply place the alarm clock where you have a good view of what you want to monitor. For instance, some people put it on the bedside table where they often leave valuables. There are employers who position this spy camera on desks and shelves in offices and establishments to monitor the staff. You can also place it inside your child’s room to check out what the nanny or babysitter does.

What are the Benefits of an Alarm Clock Hidden Camera?

There are many wonderful benefits to using an alarm clock hidden camera. Apart from the fact that it’s inconspicuous, it can easily be set up and used in various settings. You can enjoy a live stream and watch the video from anywhere if the model you choose has Wifi.

Often, this type of camera can benefit parents who want to keep track of what their nannies, house helpers, and/or babysitters do at home with kids. These clocks can easily be placed in various rooms and even in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and study without seeming obvious that it’s recording.

Many people feel more secure and have greater peace of mind when they have these devices in place, especially if they already suspect some wrongdoings.

Furthermore, the alarm clock spy camera is also useful for private investigation and police detective units. Government spies also make use of it for important cases and missions.

What are the Setbacks of an Alarm Clock Spy Camera?

There are really no major setbacks to using an alarm clock spy camera as long as it’s convenient and suitable for your need. For example, if you want a surveillance camera when traveling, then it’s a hassle to take this alarm clock with you especially if it’s not sleek and small in size. Or for instance, it’s definitely better to use spy glasses or a spy button camera if you intend to investigate an outdoor event or a party somewhere.

How Much Does a Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Cost?

Depending on the specific features of a hidden camera alarm clock, you can actually get a basic type for just $30 to $50. If you want one with better quality of video and can take pictures as well as record video footages, then you can expect to pay an average of $100. Here at Spy Cameras Reviewed, we’ve met in the middle and found one for around $80 that offers some serious features along with some great value. Check out the description and reviews on Amazon for yourself:

Furthermore, there are models that have audio capabilities and are Wifi-ready. These will of course cost you more.

Now you have to weigh the brand with the price. If you’re looking for the cheapest type, you might easily fall for tempting offers that don’t provide good quality. You need to look into the manufacturer’s reputation and track record before buying the product. Also make sure to go over some reviews so that you know it’s a worthwhile option.

How Do You Pick the Most Suitable Spy Camera Alarm Clock for You?

So how do you go about choosing the most suitable spy camera alarm clock for you? This will depend on several factors.

First, you need to know your purpose. If you intend to use it mainly as a nanny cam, then go for those being promoted primarily for such use. Also choose a model that can give you a clear vision of the entire room. Hence, you must also factor in the size of the room where the nanny and your child usually stay.

Second, you need to determine if you’ll need picture-taking and audio features. These are add-on elements that enhance the use of this particular spy camera. Again, return to your purpose. If you want to catch people at work gossiping, then you will need the audio recording facility.

Third, you have to set a budget range. There’s no point buying the latest model with all the features you need when the price is way too steep for your pocket.

Fourth, you have to choose the size and style. Where do you intend to place this alarm clock hidden camera? If it’s in your office, you must choose a design appropriate to your workplace and one that will fit well on your desk.

With these four crucial factors in mind, you can go about shopping faster and more efficiently for the alarm clock spy camera that would work best for you.

Our Top Recommendation for Alarm Clock Camera on Amazon

The alarm clock camera that we recommend here at Spy Cameras Reviewed is the Eyeclub Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Spy Alarm Clock and Nanny Camera. Priced at under $100, it’s a good value for such a top-quality product. Unlike many of the other alarm clock cameras, this one comes with a very high 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon. You can set the clock to record only when motion is detected. Another feature is that you can watch the hidden camera at any time from any device via an App that you install. Also included is a 1-year warranty. While a bit more expensive than some of the other alarm clock cameras, this is one that actually works!

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