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The Best Walkie Talkies

Best OverallBest For KidsMost AffordableWidest Range
MotorolaSpy Gear Walkie Talkies with CameraCobraMidland Radio
Long-lasting battery2-way audio and video37 mile range142 privacy codes
Ultra-durableFun spy gadget toy for kidsFloats, so perfect for boatingWaterproof
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Top 5 Walkie Talkies Your Family can Rely On

Has your family been into exciting outdoor activities lately? Is your family the type who goes out to have fun, rain or shine? If you are, it’s okay to go on as planned but be sure to take precautionary measures. Before you leave, next to your vehicle, check the weather condition and check the things you need to bring for everybody’s safety.

The best option to guarantee security, address occurrence of emergencies or avoid possible dangers is to buy walkie talkies for the family. They need not be expensive but they should be of high quality. Our Top 5 Walkie Talkies will prove to you that your family can own reliable two-way radios without exhausting your savings.

We arranged our Top 5 Walkie Talkies according to their affordability. Each of the items we included in the list brief description of what you can expect in terms of efficient, fast and clear communication.

You can check the other similar best-performing products that are even more expensive to compare and discover that the ones in our list are just as excellent as the others. Read on and see which one can address your communication needs, including one walkie talkie with camera.


#1: Cobra Walkie Talkie


If you have kids, the Cobra Walkie Talkie is a communication device for them. It is among the most affordable ones in the market at present that’s why this product’s considered a bestseller on Amazon.

Great for Outdoor Activities

Say, your children love to play outdoors or participate in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, boating and mountain climbing this device ensures your son’s or daughter’s safety.

This also helps your families track the whereabouts of the other members of your households when outside for on some exciting activities.

Range up to 16 Miles

You need not worry about your children’s safety anymore while away from them especially that this walkie talkie reaches a wide range of up to 16 miles.

Additionally, you can get alerts on the possible weather condition as this communication device can access 10 different weather channels. As a result, you cancan prepare for the coming storm or possible occurrence of emergencies.

More information and Where to Buy

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Go to the Amazon page to buy the Cobra Walkie Talkie:

Review of the Cobra Walkie Talkie

Compare the Top Walkie Talkie Brands

#2: BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie


We ranked the BrainyTrade second in our Top 5 Walkie Talkies because it is a highly-rated device on Amazon today. It is also affordable that a lot of people opt for it for both personal and business use. This walkie talkie is ideal for communities, hotel business or special events for proper coordination.

Great for Big Events

Aside from these, many parents prefer this for their kids’ safety and security too. If you have an event you can successfully organize and achieve a successful occasion because you need not run around the venue to make sure all is well during the entire program.

Long-Lasting Battery

You can guarantee quality interaction with other people for many hours. The Li-ion battery that operates the walkie talkie set can last for up to eight hours. Aside from that, this electronic product is so easy to use. It comes with a user manual you can follow for convenience and seamless communication.

More Information and Where to Buy

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You can easily get the BrainyTrade on Amazon:

#3: Floureon 2 Way Radio


The Floureon 2 Way Radio is the best for your communication need. We highly recommended it to those with kids at home who love to go on outdoor activities. If you have kids at home, you will definitely love this device because all members will be in constant communication with one another especially when in an outdoor fun.

Seamless Interaction with Floureon

Bike riding, skateboarding, mountain climbing or simple hide ‘n’ seek game are more fun when there are two-way radios that make interactions smoother and more seamless all the time.

Very Reasonably Priced

This is one of the most affordable walkie talkies available in the market today.For a very reasonable price, this communication device features 22 channels and has up to two-mile range. Your child can depend on the Floureon 2 Way Radio in any time of trouble.

Excellent Sound Quality

Say he gets lost out in the forest while hiking with his family. He can clearly hear your instructions in finding his way back. Indeed, it boasts of excellent sound quality with its volume level that is adjustable.

Full Review and and Where to Buy

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You can easily purchase the Floureon 2 Way Radio on Amazon:

Review of the Floureon 22-Channel Walkie Talkie

#4: Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio


If your family going on an outdoor event a few weeks from now, this is the perfect time to purchase a walkie talkie set. Definitely, there are many things to do in preparation for this exciting activity with your loved ones. As you plan, don’t forget to include the weather update.

Be sure to be in the know all the time so as not to spoil the fun moments especially that you’re spending most of them outdoors.

Efficient Communication

Have the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio for fast and efficient communication with your spouse and kids. Coming in two radio units in every pack, they will help you stay in touch with your family even if you separate ways while hiking, hunting or mountain-climbing.

Reasonably Priced

For such a low cost, this device guarantees to give you all the updates you need to make sure the weather is perfect on the day of your trip and the whole duration of the activity. This device features all-hazard and weather alert, as well as weather scan for your family’s safety outdoors.

5 Call Alerts

Because of this special quality, more and more people opt for it. In addition to the special features, this pair of radio units has five different call alerts for a more efficient communication.

Long Lasting Batteries

If you’re looking for a device that’s not going to die on you in the middle of your big day at the ski hill, you might want to consider these ones. The long-lasting battery will keep going, and going. And when it dies? Replace it with the rechargeable battery that’s included along with it.

More Details and Where to Buy

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You can easily get the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio on Amazon:

#5: Motorola Two-Way Radio


Our last but definitely not the last in the Top 5 Walkie Talkies is the Motorola Two-Way Radio. If you are setting a camp out or hiking with your friends or loved ones, this device is perfect for you. Be sure to equip yourself with all the must-haves to face every emergency you encounter along the road, out in the forest or anywhere outdoors.

Choice of Professionals

I know many people who’ve worked in the film industry in Vancouver, Canada (I used to do it myself!). Radios are vital to set life, and basically nothing happens if the radios aren’t working.

That’s why Motorola is the go-to brand. They’re sturdy, the batteries last a long time, and most of all, they’re reliable. For the average person who wants to communicate with their family on a hike? It’s exactly what you need.

Increase Safety When Outdoors

The radio set is available in two radios that both guarantee clear and constant communication with your travel companion. Even if you accidentally lose your camping or mountaineering partner, you won’t have any worry with a radio unit with you.

Easy to Operate

You don’t have be the techie type to operate the Motorola Two-Way Radio. Even if you hate complicated selections from the menu, this communication gadget is still for you. And for this very low price, you can already make sure of your satisfaction when communicating outdoors.

Long Battery Life for Motorola

Just be sure you have full battery life to ensure seamless communication all day. In connection to this, each unit boasts of long battery life. It doesn’t matter too, if the weather is not too friendly. The device has 11 different weather channels.

We also love the mini-USB charger that comes along with it. In case you can’t charge the batteries in the stand, you can just plug the walkie-talkie directly into the USB charger for added convenience.

More Information and Where to Buy

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The Motorola Two-Way Radio is available on Amazon:

#6: Spy Gear Walkie Talkie with Camera


If you’re looking for a walkie talkie with camera, then look no further than this Spy Gear Walkie Talkie Set. It’s designed for kids and it’s one of the best toys of the year. Here are some of the features that you’ll love:

  • Can be used without a wifi network or data
  • According to reviewers, surprisingly good video quality
  • Up to 160 feet range
  • 2-way audio as well as video
  • Stealth communication mode with headphones
  • Can use as a surveillance device
  • Automatic power-off after 15 minutes of no use
  • Easy for kids to press the buttons
  • Makes an excellent Christmas or birthday gift

Your kids will love using it for their next spy mission!

What People are Saying about Spy Gear Video Walkie

—>See More Customer Reviews Here<—

“The picture quality is excellent and the range is a bit more than advertised with the Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies. Overall, it’s impressive, especially when you consider the price of this thing.”

“This walkie talkie set from Spy Gear is really easy for kids to use, and the picture/audio quality is good enough. It was the favourite toy at my house this Christmas!”

“My 6-year old is all about spy gear and he loves these things. It’s been the favourite toy this Christmas for sure!”

Where to Buy Top Rated Walkie Talkies with Cameras

The best place to find this top-quality radio for kids is on Amazon. You can shop now, but get it in time for Christmas!


Walkie Talkie With Camera Review

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