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Review of the BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie

The BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie is a highly-rated device on amazon. It is also affordable that a lot of people opt for it for both personal and business use. This walkie talkie is ideal for communities, hotel business or special events for proper coordination. Aside from these, many parents prefer this for their kids’ safety and security too. For events, organizers achieve a successful occasion because they need not run around the venue to make sure all is well during the entire program.

“I Bought these to keep track of our 10-year-old while out playing with kids in the neighborhood. We get crystal clear reception from inside houses a half-mile-a-way or more.”

Users can get quality interaction among people for many hours. The Li-ion battery that operates the walkie talkie set can last for up to eight hours. Aside from that, this electronic product is so easy to use. It comes with a user manual one can follow for convenience and seamless communication.

“I wanted UHF walkies for a 5 story hotel – and these were the cheapest I found on Amazon. I bought two just to try them out… and they worked wonderfully.”

The BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie takes a spot our list of the Top 5 Walkie Talkies. It’s available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie:

  • 16 channels to choose from
  • Battery operated
  • With battery-saving feature
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Clear reception and signals
  • Great reception for both indoor and outdoor use


The BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie Cons:

  • With minimal shipping fee
  • Set for two (need to buy more sets for bigger groups)
  • Weather may affect range and quality of communication

The Takeaway on the BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie:

Are you looking for some walkie talkies that will address your communication and security needs minus the high cost? Then, the BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie is what you’re searching for.  Some parents buy a set for their children to play with the other kids—if your child is interested in spy gadgets, this may be a great option. There are some boys and girls and girls though, that use the device to alert their parents of their goings-on.

You don’t need anything else with the BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie. When you purchase one, you get a set containing rechargeable battery, antenna, belt clip, and charger. You’ll get your money’s worth for considering this Amazon bestseller. Go to the Amazon page today to purchase the BrainyTrade Walkie Talkie today:


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