Amcrest Eco-Series Video Security System Review


An Introduction to the Amcrest Eco-Series Video Security System

People have various reasons for wanting in install a security system at their home, or workplace. The most common reason is wanting to keep an eye on things when you’re not around. You can check on what’s happening at your house when you’re at work. Or your company when you’re at home.

You can also use a security system such as this one from Amcrest to keep an eye on a boat, trailer or other expensive toy when it’s in storage. Whatever the case, there are a ton of security system options and we’re going to help you wade through all the options! The goal is to help you figure out which security system is the best for you.

Keep on reading for our full review of this top-quality security camera system, or take a look for yourself over on Amazon:

What’s in the Package

Let’s get into the details about the Amcrest Eco-Series Video Security System. This package includes four high-resolution cameras, as well as a 500 GB hard drive. This allows you to record around 6 days of footage at the highest resolution, or 30+ days with the motion sensor and/or lower resolution. It’s expandable up to 3 TB, so the potential is there to record significantly more footage.

Not only does the Amcrest security system record your footage, but you can also view it in real-time, using just about any device. It really is a truly versatile security system. We love the ease of use of this one. Unlike many of the other home security systems, this one from Amcrest is quite easy to set-up. Plug in and go!

Things we Love about this Surveillance Camera Package

This security system is night-vision equipped. You can see and record up to 20m at night, and many reviewers mention that the image is quite clear. During the day, the high resolution cameras (960 H) give you clear, crisp picture.

Although there are a few negative reviews on Amazon mainly due to the lack of ease when setting it up, it does have a very high rating overall. It’s actually the top seller in the category and Amcrest has many happy customers! The one year warranty and lifetime of customer service seals the deal for us. A company that stands behind their products? We love that here at Spy Cameras Reviewed!

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Amcrest Home Security Systems Pros:

  • Easy to set-up
  • High resolution video in real-time
  • Night-vision enabled
  • Weatherproof for indoor/outdoor use
  • Motion detection and alerts
  • Remote viewing on any mobile device or PC
  • 500 GB hard drive to record 6+ days of footage (with USB backup)
  • Free 1-year warranty (in the USA)
  • Lifetime Support
  • Helpful troubleshooting videos and instructions in case of problems

Amcrest Home Security System Cons:

  • Some reports of taking longer to set up than expected
  • Not great images for long distance
  • A few reports that it just stops working after a month or two

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A Burglar Caught on Amcrest Security Cameras

The Takeaway on the Amcrest Home Security System:

If you’re looking to get a surveillance system for your home or workplace, this one from Amcrest makes a decent choice. It’s one of the best ones in the mid-range category, if you don’t want to drop thousands of dollars on something like the Lorex Home Security System.

Instead, if you’re looking to spend a couple of hundreds bucks on something that’s reasonably easy to set-up, has decent video quality, this one from Amcrest makes a nice pick. We love the fact that it has a 500 GB hard drive, allowing you to record 6+ days of footage. You can also see what’s going on in real-time via a web browser, or on just about any device.

A Company that Stands Behind Their Products

Amcrest is a company that stands behind their products. They offer a full 1-year warranty in the USA and a lifetime of customer support. Among those who did contact customer service, it seems like a mixed bag. Some people found them extremely helpful while others didn’t get the solutions they were looking for. While there are a few negative reviews on Amazon mainly related to the durability of the product, overall it seems like most people are pretty happy. At around 4/5 stars on Amazon, it has a better rating than almost all the other products on that site.

For the price, it’s a very decent product and much better than many of the other cheap to mid-range security systems on the market today. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get yourself a professional grade system, consider this one from Amcrest.

You can easily get the Amcrest Eco Series Video Security System on Amazon today:


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