Midland Two-Way Radio Review


Midland-Two-Way-Radio-ReviewReview of the Midland Two-Way Radio

The Midland Two-Way Radio is a heavy duty communication for the serious users. It comes in a set of two radios. Two people who have many secrets or private messages to share with each other frequently will find this product a must-have. Its over a hundred privacy codes guarantee that no confidential information leaks. At a very reasonable price, users of this high-quality electronic gadget get the chance to own a features-filled communication device which the professionals use.

“These radios work very well after you get over the fact that no portable radio will work long range in an urban setting.”

The Midland Two-Way Radio is highly rated on Amazon today. The popular site gave it a high 4/5-star rating making it a bestseller. Another reason why the product is an Amazon favorite is because it is affordable. For only less than$60, this two-way radio functions excellently. It has 50 channels and can reach up to 30-mile range. One needs not worry about the weather when using the gadget outdoors. The set is weatherproof so it can deliver clear communication even if the wind blows or when there is a heavy downpour.

“The radios performed better than I expected. I never expected to get anywhere near the 36 mile advertised range.”

The Midland Two-Way Radio is available on Amazon:

Key Features of the Midland Two-Way Radio:

  • 50 frequency channels
  • Reaches up to 36-mile range
  • Has over 142 privacy codes
  • Comes in pack of two
  • Features emergency alert
  • Three power settings
  • 10 different alerts
  • Battery-operated (AA or rechargeable)
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Ability to monitor two channels


The Midland Two-Way Radio Cons:

  • Batteries not included
  • Not recommended for kids (below 3 years old) to play with
  • Not for big groups as each set comes in just two radios
  • Cannot be shipped outside U.S.

The Takeaway on the Midland Two-Way Radio:

If you need a communication device beyond just conversations, then, the Midland Two-Way Radio is for you. This product doesn’t just allow you to have clear communication with another person. It also alerts you when an emergency takes place. You’ll receive all the hazard alerts you can think of including biological hazard, child abduction, landslide and fire warnings, among others. Here’s the more interesting thing: you can lower your voice or talk to the other line quietly and still deliver clear communication with this two-way radio’s whisper feature.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to own the Midland Two-Way Radio. With only below $60 to spend, you can already own an electronic gadget that offers the maximum communication quality regardless of the time, place and weather. Indeed, this radio has the capacity to be exposed to water for up to half-an-hour reaching a 36-mile range. As you use this amidst the unfriendly weather, this walkie talkie has a shield against water or rain from any direction. Not all two-way radios allow you to speak to another person quietly without compromising the clearness and quality of the sound.

Go to the Amazon page for your rare opportunity to own the Midland Two-Way Radio today:


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