Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam + Audio Review


Furbo Dog Camera Review

The Furbo Dog Camera is a top-quality pet camera that includes a treat tosser, HD Wifi cam and 2-way audio. If you’re the kind of pet owner who worries about your dog while you’re at work, or out for a night on the town, the Furbo is for you!

Using the app on your SmartPhone, you can give your dog a treat, see what they’re up to via the HD camera, and talk to them as well. Giving your dog a treat, and offering some comforting words while you’re not home? Sounds awesome, right?

“Every time I have to go somewhere, I have a new peace of mind and calm. Thank you Furbo! It works well and is a rather attractive piece! The wooden top sets it apart from the competition.”

Barking Alerts with the Furbo Dog Camera: Love it!

One of the things we particularly love about the Furbo is that it comes with barking alerts. If you have neighbours that complain about your barking dogs, you’ll come armed with knowledge. Is it only once a day for a couple minutes? Is it every 10 minutes like they say it is? You’ll also be able to comfort your dog and calm them down remotely.

“My puppy knows I’m always there, so his separation anxiety is getting better. He cries less, and I feel much more relieved.”

You can check out the Furbo Treat Dispenser Dog Camera on Amazon today:

A Premium Price for the Furbo Dog Camera- Is it Worth it?

The main competition for the Furbo Dog Camera is the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser, as well as the Petzi Wi-Fi Camera and Treat Dispenser. Both of these products are often cheaper than the Furbo. Your question is probably the same as ours-is the higher price for the Furbo worth it? Let’s look at that in more detail.

1-Way or 2-Way Audio

One of the things we love about the Furbo is that there’s 2-way audio. The Pawbo has this as well. However the Petzi does not, which is one of the major complains in the customer comments, especially since their Kickstarter campaign promised this.

Let’s tally the points up:

Pawbo 1, Furbo 1, Petzi 0


Camera Quality

Something we love about the Furbo is the high definition, 120 degree, 720 p camera, that includes night vision.

The Pawbo is similar with a 720 p HD camera that has a slightly wider range at 130 degrees. However, it doesn’t seem like the Pawbo is night vision enabled. Many reviewers on Amazon commented that they wished the camera quality was better on this one-for HD, it sure didn’t seem like it.

The Petzi has a 720 p camera as well, but there’s no information about the range of it.

The cameras are all very similar, but the Furbo has the edge due to the night vision capability.

Pawbo 1, Furbo 2, Petzi 0

Treat Tossing

All 3 of these products allow you to toss treats to your dog remotely. We can all agree that this is seriously amazing. But, does this feature actually work? Reviews of all three of these pet cams are kind of mixed. Let’s dig in and find out which one is the worst, and which one is the best.

Pawbo treat dispensing: great!

For the Pawbo, most people comment that the treat dispenser works well. The only downside is that it has slots for only nine treats. However, most people wouldn’t give more than that in a single day so this isn’t a bit downside in our opinion.

Petzi treat dispenser problems

The Petzi seems to have a few issues with the treat dispenser. It either shoots out the treats way too fast, or it shoots out more than one at a time. While a few people were happy with it, most were not.

Furbo treat tossing: mixed bag

Finally, let’s look at if the Furbo treat dispenser works well. In my own experience, it did a decent job. The cool thing is that it actually tosses the treat to your dog, instead of just dropping it on the ground. You can fill the machine with up to 30 treats.

However, some reviewers on Amazon were less than happy. They commented that the treats often got stuck and wouldn’t dispense from the machine. While it may have been the size of the treats that caused the problem, even the ones that they sent with the machine didn’t seem to come out that easily.

It’s definitely Pawbo for the win in this category, with consistent treat dispensing.

Pawbo 2, Furbo 2, Petzi 0

Ease of Use

We now come to the most important category-does the thing actually work? Is it easy for the average person to set up? All three of these companies claim that you basically just have to download the App, connect the machine to the app, and find your home wifi. Then, watch your pet, talk to them and throw them treats. But, it’s not always the way it works in the real world, unfortunately.

How easy is the Pawbo to use?

Most people commented that the Pawbo is easy to set up, and that it works. This was my experience as well. I found very few reviews that mentioned it not working as it was designed to.

Petzi ease of use

The Petzi seems to be a mixed bag with regards to set-up. Some people mentioned that it was super simple and took only a couple of minutes. Others couldn’t get it to work and eventually gave up and returned the product.

Furbo: how long to set up?

I found the Furbo easy to set-up and it took me only a few minutes to download the app, connect the pet cam, and then hook it up to my wifi. However, there are numerous unhappy reviewers on Amazon who mentioned that it was extremely difficult to get it to connect to their home Wifi network. It wasn’t a range issue either-the Furbo was right next to the router.

If you use T-Mobile, the Furbo pet cam is not the machine for you! Check out the 1 and 2 star reviews on Amazon-many of them are T-Mobile users. For whatever reason, these two things are just not compatible. Hopefully the company comes up with a solution to this problem. It’s resulting in some very negative reviews on Amazon for what is otherwise a very decent product.

Pawbo 3, Furbo 2, Petzi 0.

Barking Notices

The Furbo will notify you when your dog is barking. The Petzi and Pawbo do not have this feature.

Our final tally? Pawbo and Furbo are tied at 3, while the Petzi comes in with a 0!

Pawbo 3, Furbo 3, Petzi 0.

Is the Furbo Dog Camera Worth the Premium Price?

This brings us back to the original question. The Furbo is the most expensive pet camera that dispenses treats on the market today. The first feature that is better than the competition is the 2-way audio. This certainly is a big advantage-you can verbally comfort your dog when you’re away from home.

The second reason that you might pay a bit more for the Furbo is the barking notification feature. If you have neighbours who’ve been complaining about this, we’re sure you’re willing to pay 50 bucks more to know when it’s legit, and when it’s not. This feature works particularly well.

Finally, the HD camera is enabled for night vision. If you work night shifts or go out a lot at night, you’ll certainly want this feature. Otherwise, it’s probably not necessary.

However, if you’re not concerned about 2-way audio, night vision, or the barking notification feature, then the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera (2nd Gen) might be a better pick for you. Although some people complained about the video quality, most people were pretty happy with this product.

Key Features of the Furbo Dog Camera:

  • Barking notification feature
  • 2-way audio
  • Treat dispenser (30 per loading)
  • HD video with 4x zoom and night vision
  • Easy to connect and use via your SmartPhone

“We love this camera and are using it to train our dog to be okay when we’re not at home. As soon as the treats start coming out, he’s happy.”

You can easily get this top-quality pet cam with treat tosser on Amazon today:

The Takeaway on the Furbo Dog Camera:

The Furbo dog camera has some key features that we are impressed with. These features set it apart a bit from the competition. They include three key things that the other ones don’t have, including night vision, a barking notification sensor, as well as 2-way audio. Although the Furbo is a bit more expensive than the competition, if you require these things, then the extra price will certainly be worth it.

However, if you don’t care about the three features just mentioned, we recommend the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera. it’s easier to use and set up, and the treat dispenser actually works. You can save yourself a few clams too.

Check out the Pawbo on Amazon today:


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