5 Best Drones With 4K Cameras


Drones are a lot of fun. The best thing about these gadgets is that they are great for multiple purposes. Some drones were designed for surveillance or mapping, while others are great for photography and aerial videos. All you have to do is to find the right drone for your purpose. While it might seem easy to do, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration.

If you are looking for a drone for photography, you should know that there are quadcopters that can take photos at a regular image quality. These are better for beginners. In this article, we are going to talk about drones with 4K cameras. Once you decided which one is the best for you, you can check out specialized reviews to learn more about the device before you purchase it.

#1: DJI Inspire 2 4K Camera Drone

The DJI Inpsire 2 is by far the best drone with a 4K camera. It is great for people who are professional photographers and who just purchased their first drone. Because it comes with a great locking mechanism and with a great motor performance, it is easy to use by beginners. Of course, the best feature of this drone is its 4K camera which can take amazing photos.

It has live HD video transmission with DJI Lightbridge. Also, it comes with 3-axis stabilization gimbal to help you get clear photos. When it comes to the price, this drone is more on the expensive side. So, if you are on a budget, you might want to consider a different drone with 4K camera.

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#2: DJI Mavic Pro 4K Camera Drone

This drone is another great drone for people who are passionate about photography. One of the best things about it, apart from the camera, is its size. It is smaller and lighter than many drones with 4K cameras. This makes it easier to transport. It comes with a transmission system that allows you to control the drone from 4 miles away.

This drone can fly for almost 30 minutes at a speed of 60km/h. All of these features are amazing for its price. The 4K camera also comes with TapFly, ActiveTrack, and other features to help you take great videos and photos.

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#3: DJI Phantom 4 4K Camera Drone

Another great drone with 4 K camera is the DJI Phantom 4. This comes with an auto return home and auto take off to make it easier to control the drone. All, it has an app that helps you monitor the drone or the camera. It can capture 4K ultra HD videos at 30fps.

This gadget comes with gimbal stabilization tech which allows the drone to capture clean photos while it is in this air. Also, this device has a hover function. This means that you can stop the drone to take a photo and the device is going to hover in that place until the photo is shot.

#4: PowerVision PowerEgg Drone with 360 Panoramic 4K camera

Apart from the great design and shape, the PowerVision drone comes with amazing features. The egg-shaped drone can make complicated flight task so that you can take the best photo. Another great thing about this drone is that it comes with a special remote control which is gesture based.

Unlike most drone, this one can be controlled from 5 kilometers away. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing control of the drone or getting out of the control range. It has 3-axis gimbal stabilization and smooth video footage.

#5: Autel Robotics XSTAR 4 K camera drone

This is the last drone in our top. The Autel drone comes with a great 4K camera with 3-axis gimbal stabilization. Also, it has Wi-Fi HD live view and many autonomous flight modes. It comes with dual GPS/GLONASS navigations and the Starpoint System for when the GPS signal is not available.

The remote control has a small LCD display where you can see the flight information. Also, it has one-touch action buttons for takeoff, landing, hover, and starting the motors. This drone can fly for up to 30 minutes and it comes with 16GB MicroSD card that can record about 25 minutes of 4K videos.

These are just a few of the best drones that come with 4 K camera. Drones are great gadgets for different purposes and photography is one of the best of them. When you choose a drone for video recording or photography, you should get one with a 4K camera as well as a great battery life and long control range. Even though these drones might seem expensive, in the long run, you can save some bucks.

Best Drone with 4K Camera?

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