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Review of the Kolibri WiFi Quadcopter Drone

The Kolibri WiFi Quadcopter Drone is ideal for hobbyists who want to see the actual footage and video of what the camera is capturing. Flying this quadcopter is already like actually riding an aircraft and personally seeing the views down below. A lot of quadcopter drone enthusiasts opt for this particular product because of the HD quality of its camera, on top of the excellent performance in the air.

And compared to the other drone quadcopters in the market with an average of five-minute flight time, this has a longer eight-minute flying period. Not only that. Owners of this flying drone are very happy with their mini aircraft especially that there’s no reason for any interrupted flight. This is simply because it has a low-voltage indicator allowing giving the user the allowance to bring the quadcopter down for battery-change or charging.

“After opening the box, I was flying this thing in seconds. I love thatthe batteries came pre-charged and ready for use.”

The Kolibri WiFi Quadcopter Drone is available on Amazon:

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Kolibri Drone Unboxing

Reasonably Priced for such a High-Quality Drone

For a reasonable price, the Kolibri WiFi Quadcopter Drone is a mini aircraft one will surely love whether he is a hobbyist or not. It has a WiFi feature that lets the user stream the actual video from his Apple or Android mobile device.

Truly worth its price, this quadcopter drone comes with a bonus Li-Po battery to ensure seamless flight. Another special feature of this WiFi-enabled drone quadcopter is that, one can take full control of this flying device even without the transmitter. All he has to do is to download the UDIRC-FPV application directly to his device.

“This is very helpful for beginners and for persons that own more than one drone because it’s so simple to use. My kids use this thing all the time, which I love because I don’t want them using my more expensive drones!”

Key Features of the Kolibri WiFi Quadcopter Drone:

  • With WiFi feature for live streamin
  • Comes with additional Li-Po battery for extended flight time
  • With up to 8 minutes of flight time
  • Photos in JPEG format
  • With ‘return home’ feature
  • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Take a Fly with the Kolibri Quadcopter


The Kolibri WiFi Quadcopter Drone Cons:

  • WiFi/Internet connection needed for live streaming
  • Not for individuals below 14 years old
  • Apple or Android device not included

The Takeaway on the Kolibri WiFi Quadcopter Drone:

Do you want to witness real-time actions without necessarily being there? What you need to achieve this is the Kolibri Discovery Delta-Recon WiFi Quadcopter Drone. It is an efficient ‘toy for the big boys’ and at the same time security device you can use both indoors and outdoors.

Using your iPhone or Android phone, you can already view the actual footage of what the drone camera is capturing. We LOVE that it gives you up to eight minutes of flying time. This flight time can even double as this product comes with an extra Li-Po battery.

Live Streaming Feature

And, since this quadcopter drone has a live streaming feature, you can also use this to secure your property. In times when there are suspicious movements in your place, simply have this flying around the area to scare away the burglars.

You need not worry about the storage for the photos and videos taken and recorded, respectively. There’s also a 4GB microSD card that comes with the package upon purchase. Whether you are a hobbyist or you just want to own a quadcopter, the Kolibri Discovery Delta-Recon WiFi Quadcopter Drone is definitely for you. This is so easy to set up so you need not be an expert. There’s an easy-to-understand user manual too, to help you get started conveniently. See? There is no reason for you not to buy this high-quality quadcopter drone.

Top quality at a reasonable price? We LOVE that here at Spy Cameras Reviewed. We’re sure you will too.

Head over to the Amazon page to buy the Kolibri WiFi Quadcopter Drone today:


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