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Review of the Cobra Walkie Talkie Review

The Cobra Walkie Talkie is a favorite communication device of many kids today. It is one of the most affordable walkie talkies in the market at present that’s why this product’s considered a bestseller on Amazon. Parents whose children love to play outdoors or participate in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, boating and mountain climbing buy this device for their son’s or daughter’s safety. This also helps families track the whereabouts of the other members of the households when outside for on some exciting activities.

“These walkie talkies are blast. My boys love them. They are easy to use (just put in the batteries that come with it and off you go).”

The Cobra Walkie Talkie is highly rated on Amazon today with a score of 4/5 stars. For just a little over $30, kids can already do role-playing and be a reporter giving updates on his current location’s condition. Parents need now worry about their kids safety while away from them especially that this walkie talkie reaches a wide range of up to 16 miles. They even get alerts on the possible weather condition as this communication device can access 10 different weather channels. As a result, households can prepare for the coming storm or possible occurrence of emergencies.

“I use them on hikes, camping, and off-road use. These have great battery life and over 5 mile range.”

The Cobra Walkie Talkie is available on Amazon:

Key Features of the Cobra Walkie Talkie:

  • The price (affordable at a little over $30)
  • Comes in pair of 2-way radio
  • Up to 16-mile range
  • With different weather channels
  • Features battery and power saver
  • Lightweight and compact


The Cobra Walkie Talkie Cons:

  • Extra minimal cost for shipping fee
  • Not for big groups as package includes only two radio units
  • Weather may affect frequencies of the radios

The Takeaway on the Cobra Walkie Talkie:

Buy something extraordinary for your child even if there’s no special occasion. Extraordinary means, a thing beyond toy. The Cobra Walkie Talkie is a great option. Coming in a pair of two radios, you can leave one unit to your child and the other with you for faster and more efficient communication. This walkie talkie has a distinctive circuit that has the ability to extend battery life. This means seamless interaction with the other line anytime, anywhere you are. You’ll even know who’s calling you with the alert tones you can assign for every caller.

Certainly, children will love the Cobra Walkie Talkie. Although many parents opt for this product for their children, this is not a toy. It is a real communication device children can bring with them especially when they are in the field playing or participating in an outdoor activity. The walkie talkies that come with this set are lightweight and compact so that the young ones can easily carry and use them. Each radio unit weighs only about two ounces so it is so handy. Spend worry-free days even if you kids are away from home. Let them bring a walkie talkie they can rely on to easily communicate with you in times of emergencies.

Go to the Amazon Page to purchase the Cobra Walkie Talkie:

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