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Top 5 Spy Camera Glasses: Advice in Choosing the Best Pair

Are you in search of spy camera glasses that can help you record things around your discreetly? We’ll review the top five spy camera glasses to help you make the best choice.

Features to Consider for Spy Cam Glasses:

  • Features
  • Recording quality
  • Audio capabilities
  • Price
  • Style

Keep on reading for our reviews of the best spy camera glasses and sunglasses. Or, head over to Amazon to check out a top-pick for yourself:

Typically, spy camera glasses look ordinary. No one will know about their added features unless you own and use them. If you haven’t seen one of these spy devices, but want to own one, we will help you find the best pair that suits your needs and preferences. There are plenty of styles, and options to suit just about any budget.

A Wide Range of Features and Price Ranges

Our Top 5 Spy Camera Glasses are different in features. But, the good news is that there are a ton of choices ranging in price from very affordable, to high end.

Some are suitable for stocking stuffers for kids, while others are more high-end and designed for adults. In this case, you often get what you pay for. Some are more like a toy for kids, while others are designed to work as an actual spy device.

Read on and pick the pair that caters to your fashion and protection needs and preferences.

#1: Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses


The Niceshop Hidden Camera Sunglasses are bestsellers on Amazon today. The product earned 4.6/5-star stars on the said site for its impressive features, affordable price and nice physical design.

Fashionable Sunglasses

Many people choose this portable security device not just for safety reason, but for fashion, too. Certainly, these sunglasses are ideal for people who want a complete fashionable whether. This product is for both man and woman. Anyone who already owns this will agree that the product is worth its price.

Reasonably Priced for so Many Features

For a reasonable price, you already get to own one item that functions as three gadgets. First, it protects your eyes. Second, it records videos. And third, you can use it as an audio recorder. Like a smartphone, this techie eyewear comes with a microSD card slot where you can insert a memory card with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

Easy to Access Video

Accessing the photos and videos this pair of eyeglasses captures and records is so convenient. You just need a computer with WindowsXP, Windows 2000, Vista or Win7 program. Additionally, you get high quality for both photos and videos documented.

What makes this product extraordinary is its ability to capture events clear and real time. Putting on the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses unleashes the stylish person in you with its nice appearance, on top of its great functions.

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You can easily purchase the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses from Amazon:

Compare Spy Camera Glasses and Sunglasses

#2: Toughsty 8GB Video Glasses


Our second in the Top 5 Spy Camera Glasses, the Toughsty 8GB Video Glasses, is an almost perfect product offered on Amazon.

Perfect for Special Ocassions

Considered a highly technological device, this eyewear is designed not just for security purpose but for fashion and memorabilia use, as well. This is so ideal for anyone feeling paranoid that an intruder might come near and do something inappropriate. It is also a perfect must-have for those who are fond of taking pictures and recording videos for remembrances from special events in their lives.

Expensive, but a Ton of Features

The Toughsty 8GB Video Glasses are a bit pricey if you compare it with the other camera sunglasses we have here. These spy cam glasses cost a bit more than the cheap options out there, but you don’t have to pay extra anymore for the shipping. This then, is worth your pay, right? Also, nothing else is more reasonable than spending for a product that ensures your one’s safety. You are guaranteed too, to keep happy memories with the built-in camera that comes with it.

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Purchase the Toughsty 8GB Video Glasses on Amazon today:

#3: Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses


This will surely be a favorite if you’re a parent. Special occasion or not, the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses is a eye gadget for your child. Aside from being an eye protector, this pair can guard your son or daughter from possible danger.

Perfect for Children

This eyewear allows any child to discreetly record so he’ll be able to watch closely the strangers around him without being noticed. What’s good about the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses is that, your child can capture up to 2,000 photos. Therefore, he can take photos using any angle and of catch every single movement hands-free.

The most exciting part about our third in the Top 5 Spy Camera Glasses is that, they are indeed, perfect for your little darling! For a reasonable price, your child can get not just a pair of sunglasses but a dependable spy gear too!

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You can get the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses on Amazon today:

#4: Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses


The Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses is yet another bestselling spy gear on Amazon today.

Look Like Ordinary Glasses

One look at the so-called ‘shades’ will make you think it is just one ordinary yet fashionable eyewear. But in reality, it is more than that.  The design of this spy gear is beyond the ordinary that it perfectly matches the shape and complexion of your face.

This pair of high-quality glasses is not that expensive. For a reasonable price, you benefit a lot from this product. By simply putting the glasses on, you can already gauge for yourself if something strange is going around you.

Easy to Use

And since the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses boast of clear camera, you can even record the movements you find unusual. And what’s even better is that, because the camera attached to the eyeglasses, there’s no need for you to lift a hand or press a finger to take pictures and record videos.

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You can buy the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses on Amazon:

#5: Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses


The Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses has some excellent user reviews on Amazon. For a reasonable price, plus free shipping, this lightweight security device comes complete complete with everything you need when monitoring the goings-on around you.

Polarized Lenses

The built-in camera lets you take pictures and record videos with best quality results. On top of the polarized lenses and UV protection, this pair of sunglasses is made of durable materials. It is also lightweight so you can definitely bring it anywhere you go easily.

HD Resolution Camera

The 5MP camera the Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses feature has an HD resolution for both photo and video. They come with a built-in 8GB memory card. Here’s more! A large capacity is still expandable to up to 32GB for longer hours of documenting.

This eye-protector-cum security device will let alert you charging tops. The red light flashing stops to indicate that the sunglasses are fully charged. For such an affordable price, you get to own one item that functions doubly (or even triply).

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Click the button below and be led to the Amazon page to buy the Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses today:

Remember this One Rule

That concludes our list of the Top 5 Spy Camera Glasses. We hope that you found the spy cam glasses were looking for. But, please remember our most important rule here at Spy Cameras Reviewed: Only for good, and not for evil. Okay? Awesome! Enjoy. Have fun with these awesome toys.

And remember-spy camera glasses make great gifts for kids who seem to have everything. They probably don’t have a pair of spy cam glasses! Christmas, birthdays, graduation gift-they’re sure to make an awesome gift.

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