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Review of the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses

Hey, parents! We have good news for you, especially if you have an aspiring James Bond in your life.

If you’re looking for something very special to buy your child, we have one recommendation for you. Your son or daughter will surely love this for their next Birthday or as a Christmas gift. Aside from enjoying it, he’ll also benefit much from it.

The Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses are designed for children to complete their fashionable outfit especially when outdoors while having a ton of fun as well. Aside from fashion, the sunglasses provide protection for your child’s eyes too.

Here’s what one grandparent said on Amazon:

“My 10-year old grandson thinks these spy camera glasses are great. He said that it was the best Christmas gift he got, including video games, comic books, etc. He just loves “spying” on his family and friends, and we all like to play along with him. They work well and are easy to get set up and running right out of the box.”

Great Reviews on Amazon for these Spy Camera Sunglasses for Kids

Here’s what’s more exciting about this perfect must-have for your little darling! A lot of parents opt for this product because of its innovative features.

The built-in camera allows one to do hands-free recording of his surroundings. Set this to video or photo mode and guard your child from possible harm outside your home.

Apart from the cool features for these spy camera sunglasses for kids, the product has some excellent customer reviews online. Most people who try these glasses find that they work well and are easy to use, even for young kids.

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“Super fun for a nine-year old video-recording her older sister for being mischievous. The kids love these things and it’s been the highlight among all their Christmas gifts, even ones that were far more expensive!”

The Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses are available on Amazon:

How to Set-Up and Use Spy Gear Spy Specs

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Key Features of the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses

  • Can capture up to over 2000 photos, or 15 minutes of video
  • High-resolution camera for excellent photos and videos
  • Lightweight
  • Compatibility with PC and Mac computers
  • Comes with instruction


Spy Gear Spy Specs Camera Sunglasses Pros:

  • Some great reviews over on Amazon from parents who bought these for their kids
  • Works right out of the box with minimal setup
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC for downloading the photos and video
  • Good battery life
  • Audio and video quality is decent, considering the price of the product
  • Fashionable, and small enough for kids’ heads (8+)

Spy Gear Spy Specs Review

Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses Cons:

  • Not for long-time video recording as it records for 15 minutes maximum
  • They are not recommended for children below 8 years old
  • Not adjustable for different head sizes, which would be a useful feature for kids
  • No UVA protection in the sunglasses

The Takeaway on the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses

Whether it’s a special occasion or not, the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses is a great gadget for your child. Aside from protecting the eyes, this pair of eyewear can guard your son or daughter from possible danger. Teach him the art of discreet recording so he’ll be able to watch closely the strangers around him without being noticed.

What’s good about this compact security device is that, your child can take up to 2,000 pictures. Therefore, he can take photos from any angle and of any movement without lifting a hand.

Do you have a pet? Your kids will love being able to take photos and videos of their loved one when out on walks.

You need not spend much for this spy gear for kids. Reasonably priced, they are a cool device that works for fashion, fun, and security.

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The lenses are designed dark in shade for discreet recording. Your son or daughter will just appear ordinary wearing a pair of sunglasses. No one will ever find out he or she is taking some footage of what’s going on around him.

Accessing the photos and videos from the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses is so easy. Whatever computer you use, you can absolutely view what these sunglasses have just taken.

Make your little boy or girl feel confident even when you’re not around.  He or she will surely feel more secured wearing these sunglasses beyond the ordinary. Plus, they’ll have a ton of fun “spying” on their friends, family members and pets.

Spy Gear Spy Specs: Perfect for Christmas or Birthdays

These spy camera glasses make an excellent birthday, or Christmas present, especially if you have that hard to buy for kid. You can also get them for your child who loves techie things, but you might not want to get him another video game.

These spy camera glasses are fun, James Bond cool, and just plain awesome! Trust us-your child will love them. They’ll be the hit of their Christmas or birthday.

Purchase the Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses on Amazon today:

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