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Review of the Cassini DayNight Binoculars

Have you been in a concert where you didn’t even have a glimpse of the performer? Isn’t it frustrating that all you did was be contented hearing the music because your seat is so far from the stage?

Here’s the good news. You don’t need to spend more to buy for a more expensive ticket and seat in front.

With the Cassini DayNight Binoculars, feel like you’re just next to your favorite singer as he or she sings your favorite song. These binoculars can magnify people and things 12 times closer to you. I

“This product has performed as expected. The images are clear in both day mode and green laser light mode. For the price, it’s an excellent value.”

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Yes! Even if you are at the backseat, you can enjoy the show just as how the people in front are having fun.  These binoculars produce a green-colored wide-angle laser for perfect viewing.

Truly a practical choice, these optical devices have lenses with multilayered coating. This means they are safe from any falling objects while in use. The binoculars come with a carrying case so you can easily bring them anytime, anywhere.

“These were a hit with my family! We take them on most of our trips and all take a turn using them. The kids loving playing with the night vision feature. It’s super easy to turn on with the touch of a button. We look for animals in the forest at night. Pretty cool!”

The Cassini DayNight Binoculars are available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the Cassini DayNight Binoculars:

    • Comes with a carrying case for convenient brining
    • Produces green laser for night vision with the push of a button
    • Multi-layered coating for protection
    • With neck strap for ease of use
    • Magnifies objects 12x closer
    • Wide-ranged view of up to 294 feet
    • With limited warranty
    • Excellent value for the price for a night vision binocular.

What People are Saying about these Night Vision Binoculars

“Not bad, and they do certainly work at night. I found them not that easy to use during the day though. I think I’d prefer separate binoculars for each of these functions.”

“For the price, I found that they work well enough. They’re cheaper than many of the other binoculars that are night-vision enabled.”

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Cassini Day/Night Binoculars Review

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How Does Night Vision Work?

There are two basic ways how night vision works. We’ll give you a very quick summary, or you can check out this article: How Does Night Vision Work? 

#1: Image Enhancement

It’s made possible by collecting small amounts of light, including Infrared’s (IR) lower spectrum.

#2: Thermal Imaging

This technology captures Infrared’s upper spectrum. It’s produced by heat, instead of just reflecting the light.

Check out the video below for more information:

The Cassini DayNight Binoculars Cons:

    • Lithium battery required
    • Warranty is limited
    • With tripod socket but tripod not included

The Takeaway on the Cassini DayNight Binoculars:

After all the disappointments during the concert, don’t you just love to make it up the next time? You deserve another me-time without having to buy an expensive ticket!

These optical lenses offer total comfort and convenience while you use them. When there are no exciting actions onstage, simply let the binoculars hanging on your neck through the neck strap that comes with the package.

Bring them camping with you for extra fun with the kids. Seriously, everyone will want a turn trying these things out.

Concert is not the only event where you can bring the Cassini DayNight Binoculars. You can use them in any kind of activity, day and night. You read it right. These binoculars produce the same bright and clear vision at night. Simply locate the button and press it for the activation of the green laser.

This green light will illuminate objects and people no matter how dark they are from afar. Impressively, these optical devices work excellently by providing a wide viewing range of up to 1,000 yards or about 294 feet.

Hit the button below and be led to the Amazon page to buy the Cassini DayNight Binoculars:

Cassini Binoculars with Night Vision: Have your Say!

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