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Review of the Brinno Door Review

An Introduction to the Brinno Peephole Door Camera

If you’re looking to beef up your home security, then consider this door viewer by Brinno. The way it works is that you need an existing peephole door viewer. You attach this camera from Brinno to it, and it allows you to see who’s at your door on the LCD screen inside your home.

5-Minute Installation

The best part? It’s the easiest peephole door viewer to install of any of the products we’ve reviewed. The company says five minutes, but there are reviewers on Amazon who mentioned it only taking a couple of minutes. It really is that easy.

Economical Home Security

Among home security systems, there are two basic kinds. The first one is device that requires a subscription service of some kind such as the Amazon Cloud Cam, Then, there are devices which support an SD card or that attach to a hard drive and don’t require a monthly fee.

In general, we think that the options not requiring monthly subscriptions offer better value for the money. What about Brinno? It has room for up to a 32 GB security card, and you’ll only pay for this thing once, not month after month!

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Features of the Brinno Peephole Security Camera:

Here are some of the things that you’ll love about the Brinno Door Viewer:

  • Motion and knocking detector, with automatic recording onto an SD card
  • Supports up to a 32 GB card
  • Date stamp on all images
  • Can see who’s outside by looking at the LCD screen inside your home
  • Installation takes only a few minutes
  • Theft-proof (completely inside your home)
  • Wireless
  • Batteries should last for about six months (included)

No Phone App?

As far as we can tell, there’s no remote access with Brinno. For example, if you wanted to view who’s at your door via Smartphone.

Many other companies have alerts for motion detection, and then a phone app that allows you to view the footage in real time. However, many of these peephole door reviews are much more expensive!

If you want a reasonably priced device that’s easy to install, and allows you to see who’s outside without opening the door while taking pictures of that person, Brinno might be the one for you!

Where to Buy the Brinno Peephole Camera

The best place to find this door viewer camera is over on Amazon. You can check it out for yourself there:


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Brinno Peephole Door Camera Pros:

  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Very easy installation
  • Time and date stamp with all images
  • Tamper-proof as everything is inside your home
  • Wireless

Sample Footage from the Brinno Security Camera

Brinno Peephole Door Camera Cons:

  • Some reports that the motion activation system didn’t work that well
  • Delay between motion activation and image capture (a weakness of most battery operated machines)
  • Batteries are a little bit difficult to replace
  • Images are not accessible via phone app or remotely as far as we can tell

Compare Peephole Door Cameras

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What People are Saying about the Brinno Peephole Camera

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“My condo unit doesn’t allow any modifications to the door, including adding a doorbell so that rules out many of the smart doorbell options. I went with Brinno because you don’t have to modify the peephole in any way, and most people wouldn’t even notice it was there. It worked well for me.”

“It was super easy to install, and the picture quality is excellent, considering how dim my hallway lights are. No more blindly opening the door to random people!”

“The motion sensor is a little bit too sensitive for outside movements like trees, or cars passing by. But, I think it could work well if you lived in a condo unit or apartment.”

Brinno Peephole Camera Unboxing and Installation

The Takeaway on the Brinno Peephole Camera

If you’re looking for an economical choice for a door viewer, then this one from Brinno makes a nice option. We LOVE how easy it is to install and the fact that is took non-handy people less than five minutes to do it. It really is that easy to be able to see who’s outside your door from a screen inside your home.

The other thing we love about Brinno is that there’s space for up to a 32 GB SD card. This allows you to record and access the footage from your computer, without having to rely on monthly cloud service which can get quite expensive.

Buy the Brinno Peephole Door Camera

Sounds like the home security device for you? Check out the Brinno Door Viewer Camera over on Amazon:


How to Install this Video Doorbell

It’s easier than ever to install this video peephole door viewer. Here are a few simple steps you can follow:

  • Remove your existing peephole and replace it with this one
  • Make sure the batteries (included, 4 AA) are in the unit
  • Snap the camera onto the base
  • That’s it!

It really is that easy and most people find that they’re able to do it within a few minutes.

Brinno Peephole Camera Review: Have your Say!

What are your thoughts about this door viewer? Leave a comment below and let us know if it’s a win, or if you’re considering another brand.


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