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Motion sensor or detector for security system mounted on wall.

The Best Motion Sensor Alarms

Our safety is of the utmost importance to us, so there is probably no amount of money that some of us would not pay for a good motion sensor alarm.

If, of course, we could actually afford to.

As it turns out, protecting your home can get pretty expensive. Even so, you and your family need to be safe, which is why we’re recommending some cost-effective motion sensor alarms for you today.

While we can’t promise you that you won’t spend a pretty penny on the next alarm you purchase, we can assure that you’ll be getting a good product for the price you pay. We also LOVE that motion sensor alarms work well without wifi, unlike many of the modern-day cloud home security cameras.

Compare Motion Sensor Alarm Systems

1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm

If you visit 1byone’s website, you’ll find that the company sells a lot more than alarms. While the home security section is admittedly a lot smaller than the other sections, the few options that this vendor does have are worth checking out.

The company’s wireless home security alarm is especially worth checking out for our purposes.

There are many things to love about this motion sensor alarm. It’s weatherproof, has a “reliable range” of “up to 100m/328ft” and “3 alert choices,” and “uses a state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) to detect any movement within the detection zone.”

The alarm is also “expandable,” which means that “if you have more than one driveway alarm or area you would like to monitor, you can expand this system with up to 50 additional sensors or multiple receivers.”

No product, though, is without its flaws.

This alarm runs on “1.5V type C batteries,” so you have to be mindful about how long you go between checking the system’s batteries. Some users have also complained about the fact that each device you connect to the unit uses the same alarm sound.

Still, the alarm is a good, affordable buy. You can check it out on Amazon here:

Chamberlain CWA2000 Weatherproof Alarm

Unlike 1byone, Chamberlain isn’t much of a Jack of all trades. Taking a quick glance at the company’s website will reveal that it specializes in “automatic garage door openers, remotes, and parts.”

Which is why you shouldn’t be surprised that Chamberlain has a motion sensor alarm available for driveways.

The alarm comes with “one base receiver and one sensor,” and you can purchase more sensors for the alarm system if you wish. Like some of the other alarms on this list, it’s also weatherproof. It’s home security made easy!

The base receiver apparently “detects signals from sensors up to 1/2 mile away.” As a result, the systems is a fairly nice fit for people who have larger homes to surveil.

Furthermore, the “unique sound and light pattern on the base unit identifies which sensor has been triggered.” This allows you to figure out where a potential intruder is before he or she gets too close.

Unfortunately, though, the alarm runs on batteries, so you’ll need to check the batteries every now and then. It’s a great value and can be easily bought on Amazon:

Bosch Security Video ISC-BPR2-WP12 Blue Line

Bosch specializes in security systems, so you won’t be shocked to find some decent alarms on the company’s site. The Bosch ISC-BPR2-WP12 Blue Line, though, is the only one you’ll find on this list.

You’ll immediately notice that this motion sensor boasts a “pet-friendly selectable model available.” This “pet-friendly” mode can supposedly differentiate between small animals and intruders.

Perhaps the biggest pro of all, this system doesn’t run on batteries.

It doesn’t, however, appear to be weatherproof. As a result, one reviewer on Amazon recommends that you use this sensor in your garage.

Further still, we don’t recommend that you use this product alone. You should definitely pair it with any security systems that you’re using. Check out this home sensor alarm on Amazon today:

Bubba’s Home Driveway Alarm

With a company name like “Bubba’s Home,” you can’t help but warm up to this vendor. Despite that, though, the company’s selection of products is small.

How small? Well, Bubba’s Home only lists one alarm under its “Products” tab.

Even so, that product, a driveway alarm, is well-made, so we’ll forgive them.

The driveway alarm is wireless with a “long range receiver,” and it is said to offer “home or security protection” for your “front doors, entryways, garages, alleyways, stockrooms and warehouses.” You can also purchase extra motion sensors for 12 dollars or so.

The systems is simple to use and “you’ll be up and running in minutes” if you choose to purchase it.

There are “no monthlies, no service plans or monitoring fees.” If that doesn’t sound like a good deal, the list price is astoundingly low for what the system does. You can check out this home sensor alarm on Amazon today:

SadoTech Wireless Sensor Doorbell

SadoTech sells doorbells. To be precise, Sadotech sells “wireless doorbells that you can easily install in minutes.”

And if those little doorbells that the company sells aren’t cute enough?

The company also sells alarms that look like doorbells, which you should definitely buy.

The doorbell comes with “50+ different ring tones,” “four levels of adjustable volume,” an “operating range of over 500 feet,” a receiver that “easily plugs into an electrical outlet” and “2 motion sensors.”

The system also gives you the option to customize the trigger modes. You can choose between a “very short 1-2 second delay in between motion triggers” and a “5-8 second pause until the next motion detection is available.”

Despite those pros, this motion sensor alarm “can be very sensitive and light movements can trigger the alert.” Consequently, the alarm probably isn’t much fun at parties.

The alarm also runs on batteries, which requires more maintenance on your part. If you don’t want to use the batteries, however, there is another option: You can try a “mini USB cable” that isn’t included with the product. Check it out on Amazon:

If A Motion Sensor Alarm Isn’t Enough…

Hopefully, one of the alarms we talked about here appeals to you. If not, we hope that we’ve given you a good starting point for your search for a nice motion sensor alarm.

Of course, sometimes you need more than an alarm with motion sensor capabilities for optimal protection. For this reason, we’re also recommending that you check out our list of the Top 5 Wireless Security Cameras.


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