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Review of the Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber

The Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber is one of the most affordable quadcopters in the market today. It has everything an individual needs when operating devices like this to monitor a particular place. This same security gadget is also called toys for the big boys as it is not the typical battery-operated toy helicopters little kids play with. It may have the same size as the toys but it functions as a high-quality spy camera. Indeed, this quadcopter has a small camera that captures any event a la professional.

“With the Phantom 3, you get all the accessories you need with it! I really love that it’s a complete package and I don’t have to get all the parts individually.”

This is an ideal treat for daddies in the house as they are the ones ensuring their family’s safety and protection. The Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber is a complete package. Coming in hard case, it includes a tracker, an extra battery, card reader, 32GB microSD card for expanded memory. Above all, it has drones to clearly capture photos and record videos of the goings on in the place. Not only that, this quadcopter drone comes with a lens cloth made of micro-fiber material for easy cleaning of the device.

“This is the coolest drone ever! How could anyone not want the carbon fiber black out version?”

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Affordable Top-Quality Drone Option

The Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber is probably the highest scorer in the Amazon rating in this category. This spy drone is quite inexpensive considering its excellent performance in outdoor security. One needs not spend extra when purchasing this drone quadcopter. Shipping is already free upon purchase. There’s a full resolution in the videos recorded with this device so any strange action can easily be seen, observed and addressed.

“This is the greatest drone bundle for your money. Plus you get the blacked out Phantom 3!”

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Fly With the Phantom 3

Key Features of the Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber:

  • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices
  • Complete package with free USB reader, lens cloth, and 32GB microSD, etc.
  • Include extra batteries to ensure continuous function
  • With high-quality video recorder
  • With USB cable


Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber Cons:

  • Small pieces in the package have the tendency to be misplaced if not properly handled

How to Fly the Phantom 3 Quadcopter

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The Takeaway on the Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber:

If fixed security camera not enough for you, then, the Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber is an ideal alternative. You probably want something that’s moving to help you monitor a wider range of area. Whether it is your entire street or an open-field property that you want to monitor all day and all night, this is a perfect must-have for you. The digital streaming feature lets you view live from a distance, what’s happening in the area which this quadcopter covers.

There’s no need for you to worry about running out of internal memory when you record hours of events with this device. You can record a high-resolution video in the microSD card that comes with the pack. It doesn’t matter too, if you’re not a professional pilot.

With the DJI Pilot app you can download for your Android or Apple device, you can view and at the same time take full control of the camera operation using your phone or tablet. The tablet and phone is not included in the package but since the price is quite lower than the other brands, you can still afford to buy the device separately to make the Phantom 3 Professional Carbon Fiber work efficiently.

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