iPhone Baby Monitor Review



Review of the iPhone Baby Monitor

The iPhone Baby Monitor is one of the most affordable security cameras Lorex is offering today. An achievable price of around $55 gets you a one-year warranty and 60-day return commitments. Lorex is serious about customer satisfaction. This security gadget designed for use with the iPhone, lets the user stay linked to home even if he is out on work assignment or other errands. This is definitely a must-have for parents who have small children at home and are not too confident to leave their little ones under the care of a nanny. And even though, this product is called iPhone Baby Monitor, this security camera is compatible with any electronic device be it a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad or Android phone and tablet.

“I bought this for my first grandchild. The picture is nice and clear, and the sound is great. My daughter loves this especially the fact that she can check on her baby from anywhere on her phone.”

Never Miss a Thing!

Isn’t it regretful to miss a very important event at home but you can’t do anything because of the so-called ‘call-of-duty’? With an iPhone Baby Monitor installed at home, you are not just guaranteed of your kids’ safety and protection. You are also able to witness the significant events and precious moments of your family even when you’re away from them by taking snapshot photos. And, what’s best about this device is that, you can already view the goings-on at home remotely real time through the use of your tablet or smartphone. The iPhone Baby Monitor does not give you any room for homesickness! The product’s two-way-talk feature lets you listen to your baby’s voice and you can even talk back to him!

“This baby monitor from Lorex works great!!!”

Lorex Baby Cam: Feature-Filled

The Baby iPhone Baby Monitor may have been low-priced but it is undoubtedly features-filled. It easily connects to home internet connection be it through Ethernet or Wi-fi. You can continuously and seamlessly record photo and video directly to your phone or tablet’s microSD card with up to 32G capacity. And at night, this baby monitor’s camera is designed with a double lens to come out with a day-quality video or photo. Are you staying late in the office for an overtime work? Worry not because this product’ camera has a strong infrared LED technology that lets you view up to 30 feet away in complete darkness. If a smartphone or tablet is all you have, you can still have this baby monitor efficiently working for your family’s security. With its fast and easy set-up procedures, you don’t need a computer for your camera’s activation. The downloadable apps can work with whatever device you have.

“The Lorex Nanny Cam was easy to set up and I love that it can connect to our phones, laptop and tablet. It has the clearest picture on the laptop.”

You can easily purchase the iPhone Baby Monitor from the Lorex website:


Key Features of the iPhone Baby Monitor:

  • Affordable at around $55
  • Easy Wi-Fi connection
  • Clear night vision
  • Can be easily controlled through tablet and smartphone
  • With audio and video movement sensors
  • Compatible with Android and iOS apps; and PC and MAC computers
  • Easy-indoor installation
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


The iPhone Baby Monitor Cons:

  • MicroSD card not included and should be bought separately
  • Does not work on batteries
  • Fast internet speed required
  • Required external speaker not included in the package

The Takeaway on the iPhone Baby Monitor:

Doesn’t it feel good to know that your long-term peace of mind now only costs around $55? Yes! You need not spend extra for a specific device either, for the iPhone Baby Monitor to work efficiently. Whether you are using an iPhone, an Android-run mobile phone or iPad tablet, you can definitely own this high-quality security camera system. You can easily install it to monitor your kids anytime, anywhere you are. You read it right! You don’t even need a computer to own the iPhone Baby Monitor. Whatever device you’re using to view what’s happening back home, you still get the same high-quality other heavy-duty security cameras produce.

If you are on a tight budget or your income is just enough to meet your household needs, you still can afford a security camera at home. The security of your children is the most important of all so don’t ever think and feel that spending for this kind of gadget is splurging or a waste of money. As earlier mentioned, the iPhone Baby Monitor is one of the most affordable products Lorex offers. Despite this low cost, you are given maximum benefits. And because you can view your home real time and hear your little ones’ voice and talk back to them, you can focus on your work all day knowing that you can always check on your family anytime you want. Lorex is one of the most trusted names in home and office security solutions and they are a company that stands behind their product.s

You can easily purchase the iPhone Baby Monitor from the Lorex website:


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