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Review of the Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses

Isn’t it exciting to own a pair of sunglasses that functions beyond just protecting the eyes? Indeed, there are pairs of eyewear that work as a full-length security device. Meaning, if you own this, you get to record what’s going on around you without the people noticing you’re actually doing so. Perfect must-haves are the Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses. They look ordinary just like any other ‘shades’ yet they serve as your lookout in any situation.

“The Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera looks like ordinary sunglasses. Unless you are really paying attention or know that they are camera lenses, you would have no idea of the camera which makes these great spy glasses.”

The Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses got a high 4.4/5-star rating on Amazon. For a reasonable price of around $60 plus free shipping, this portable security device is complete with everything you need to monitor the goings-on around you. The built-in camera allows you to take pictures and record videos with high-quality results. Aside from its polarized lenses and UV protection, this pair of sunglasses is designed with durable materials. It is also lightweight for easy-bringing.

“The quality of images and video captured by these glasses was a lot better than I imagined it would be. The glasses have an 8GB micro SD card from which you can download the images and video directly to the PC.”

Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses with HD Resolution

The 5MP camera the Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses feature has an HD resolution for both photo taking and video recording. They come with a built-in 8GB memory card. The better news is that, large capacity is still expandable to up to 32GB for longer hours of documenting. This eye-protector-cum security device will let you know when the charging tops. The red light flashing stops to signal that the sunglasses are fully charged. For a such an affordable price, you get to own one item that functions doubly (or even triply).

“The video and audio is amazing on these glasses I was very amazed how good they work and for a great price. Video works great. MP3 works great.”

The Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera is available on Amazon:

Key Features of the Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera:

  • With HD video camera recorder glasses
  • Camera features impressive 5MP quality
  • With a large 8GB built-in TF card for capacity
  • Dual video recording and photo taking function
  • Memory capacity is expandable to up to 32GB
  • Large capacity allows the device for more than 100 hours standby time
  • Lightweight
  • Has polarized protection to protect the eyes
  • Makes an excellent Christmas or birthday present for kids.


The Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera Cons:

  • Due to camera’s position, user has to tilt the eyewear for clear picture-taking and video-recording.
  • Video camera does not work when the power is as low as 15%
  • Expandable microSD card not included

The Takeaway on the Forestfish Spy Camera Sunglasses:

If you’re fond of recording special moments and events of your life, the Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses are for you. With its large 8GB built-in memory which you can even expand to a larger 32GB capacity, you can spend hours and hours of video-recording. You can take pictures too, with the eyewear’s 5MP camera.  This spy gear utilizes a high-quality polymer rechargeable battery with a standby time 120+ hours. Videos and photos are easy to access on the computer as they are in AVI and JPG formats respectively.

It doesn’t matter either, whether you’re using a PC or a MAC computer. The Forestfish Spy Camera Glasses is compatible with both. If the drawbacks you hear from other people or read from reviews are your worries, worry no more. You are entitled to a 30-day money back if you purchase this product. Not only that, you are also given a one-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Be discreet in watching people especially when you’re suspecting some strange happenings around you. Own some spy gear that is stylish and doesn’t look cheap or tacky!

Purchase the Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera on Amazon today:

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