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Review of the Barska Night Vision Monocular

The Barska Night Vision Monocular is a perfect device for night viewing. It performs even better in the dark. This has a high quality and it functions not just as a plain viewer. One can also use this optical device as a security system through its built-in camera. Indeed, this model has a camera that can record videos for review later. And for convenience, it has a built-in tripod mount that allows the user to attach the single scope to a tripod for hands-free viewing. This means that one can just leave the monocular on as it records significant actions.

“I used it for the first time tonight and I am very pleased with its performance.”

One who is looking for a heavy-duty yet affordable optical device will find the Barska Night Vision Monocular a perfect must-have.  It has a 1000-yard field of view and can magnify objects up to three times closer. And when it’s dark, the Infrared illuminator enhances the viewing feature for clearer and brighter images.

“This monocular is amazing for the price! It works well and it’s easy enough that even my kids can use it.” 

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The Barska Night Vision Monocular is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the Barska Night Vision Monocular:

  • Can magnify objects up to 3X closer
  • Can display clear videos and images on TV
  • Easy-transfer of files to the computer
  • With IR illuminator for viewing enhancement
  • Battery-operated (AA)
  • 1-Year limited warranty
  • Can also record video
  • With large buttons for menu
  • With built-in tripod mount
  • Comes with 16GB micrSD card for expanded memory


The Barska Night Vision Monocular Cons:

  • Batteries not included
  • Tripod not included
  • Warranty is limited
  • Not for international shipping

How Does Night Vision Work?

Okay, so you may be wondering, “How does night vision work?” It’s an excellent question! Check out this short  video to find out all the details for yourself:

The Takeaway on the Barska Night Vision Monocular:

If you’re looking for an optical device that functions more than just a clear viewer, you won’t regret considering the Barska Night Vision Monocular. This delivers excellent magnification for better resolution when viewing objects. And, since this monocular has a built-in camera that can do video-recording, it can also serve as your surveillance camera. Indeed, this high-quality night vision monocular can secure your property 24/7. What’s good about this night vision device is that, even if it does more than one function, it is compact and lightweight.

You can definitely bring the Barska Night Vision Monocular anywhere, anytime for your outdoor viewing and monitoring. You don’t have to be an expert to operate this first-class monocular. The large buttons for the menu can already makes things easier for you to use the device. And if you want to save more photos and videos don’t worry about the memory capacity of this optical gadget. The package comes in a 16GB microSD card for your files to store.

Invest in a device that will make your viewing satisfactory and at the same time, promises protection over your property. Go to the Amazon page and purchase  the Barska Night Vision Monocular today:


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