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So you think that you might be the next James Bond? Well you’ve come to the right place! We have all the best Spy Gear for Adults that you need to get started. Everything from sunglasses to watches to pens and more. Keep reading for the best spy gear and our top picks here at Spy Cameras Reviewed. Happy spying!

Spy Pen

Best OverallBest High-End Spy PenBest for Kids
GSMade Spy PenFBI GradeSpy Gear Set
32 GB HD32 GB, 1080 PPen, night goggles, etc.
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The Best Spy Pens


If you’re looking to get your spy on in style, then you’ll need this spy pen with a pinhole camera in it. Affordably priced, it comes with a ton of features that you’ll love.

It has a mass storage USB with built-in flash memory. It can record voice as well as audio. The audio in particular is high quality and it’s very clear.

You can use this to catch someone admitting a crime. Or perhaps you want to have a recording of any important meeting. Maybe you’re a secretary who doesn’t want to miss an important want.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of reasons why you spy gear collection might include a spy pen.

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More Spy Gear for Adults

Spy Watch


This popular spy watch is next on our list of Best Spy Gear for Adults. It has 8 GB of memory, and records in HD at 30 frames/second. This spy watch records audio as well video. It’s waterproof and looks exactly like a normal sports or outdoors watch. It’s super easy to install and hook up to your home computer, even if you’re not especially tech-savvy.

A nice feature of this one is that you can take both still shots as well as video. A particularly great use is during an important meeting when you don’t want to miss a thing. You can go back and review all the details and it’s certainly easier than taking notes by hand.

It’s very affordably priced and shipping is often free.

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Key Chain Car Remote Starter


If you’re looking for a very discrete pinhole spy camera, consider this popular key chain spy camera. It looks exactly like a remote car starter, but actually has an HD camera and audio recording system inside.

This key chain car remote starter can capture high quality images (1280 x 1024) and video (720 x 480). It allows storage of up to 8 GB which means a long recording time is possible. You can watch the recordings on just about any device since it records in the popular AVI format.

It’s very reasonably priced, shipping is often free and your package should quickly.

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Video Camera Sunglasses


These stylish sunglasses hide a video camera extremely well! You’d never even suspect it actually. These high-quality video camera sunglasses from Lorex ship quickly, have a 30 day money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty.

Lorex is one of the most trusted names in security cameras and their solid warranty shows that they stand behind their products.

The best part about these spy sunglasses is how easy to use they are. You just hit record and then you can play the video back on basically any device. Lorex really does make it that easy! These spy sunglasses are able to handle full motion, and they record in stereo sound. The videos they produce are good enough to be uploaded to places like YouTube. The built-in 2GB memory can record up to 5 hour of video.

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Or, check out this post for even more details about this popular spy gear: Video Camera Glasses.

DBPOWER WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

Up next on our list of Spy Gear for Adults is an awesome drone with video camera. It comes with a best-seller status in the camera drones category and for good reason! It’s a super-solid drone camera at a very reasonable price. There are a ton of features including:

  • Live feeds
  • Gravity Induction Mode (can fly in any direction)
  • Safe to fly. Low voltage warning and one-touch return
  • Includes 2 MP camera and 2 sets of batteries to increase flying time
  • 6 axis (allows 360 degree flips)

It also just looks really, really cool! You can get this top-quality drone with camera on Amazon:

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Disappearing Spy Paper

Rounding out our list of spy gear for adults is this awesome spy paper! It will allow you to write secret notes with no worries about privacy. This particular product is our top pick because it’s the same size as a regular notebook and is made in the USA. The way it works is that the piece of paper dissolves into an unreadable clump once it’s put in contact with water. Awesome!

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Spy Gear for Adults: Only for Good!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Spy Gear for Adults. Get your spying on in style! But remember, only for good purposes please. Don’t use these gadgets for evil.


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