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Review of the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses

This pair of Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses is a best-selling spy gear on Amazon today. It garnered a high  rating online for its impressive features, reasonable price and physical appearance. These spy glasses are easy to use as well.

“These glasses work perfect and they have great clarity. I have used them every day to do my recon for the past 30+ days and have had no issues. They are really easy to operate. They come with simple instructions that anyone can understand.”

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3 Gadgets in 1

Any individual who has the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses will agree that this product is worth its price. For a reasonable price, you get one item that fulfills the role of three gadgets.

First, it serves as eye protector.

Second, it works as a video recorder.

Third, you can use it as an audio recorder.

Like a smartphone, this techie eyewear has a microSD card slot where one can insert a maximum memory capacity of 32GB.

“They actually look like normal sunglasses and block the sun, as well as being able to record.”

How to Use Spy Glasses

Stylish eyewear with high-quality camera

Accessing the photos and videos this pair of eyeglasses captures and records is very convenient. All one needs is a computer with WindowsXP, Windows 2000, Vista or Win7 program. More so, the quality of the photos and videos of these eyeglasses’ camera is impressively high.

What makes it very special is its ability to record and shoot videos and photos clear and real time. Wearing the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses brings out the style in an individual with its nice appearance. This is on top of its great functions.

“These glasses are very simple and easy to operate. What I love about them is that, they come with easy-to-follow instructions, too. I plugged mine it and came back a couple hours later. I figured out how to use them in just a few minutes.”

The Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses is available on Amazon:

Key Features of the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses:

  • Affordable price
  • Features expandable memory of up to 32GB
  • Fashionable design
  • Clear camcorder
  • Runs on Windows XP, 7 and Vista operations
  • Can capture and record high quality footage and video of real-time events
  • Includes audio as well
  • User friendly, with quick set-up
  • Takes a spot on our list of the Top 5 Spy Camera Glasses


The Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses Cons:

  • MicroSD Card not included and should be bought separately
  • The plastic material may affect the sturdiness
  • Extra spending for the microSD card
  • Computer is a must to access the photos and videos recorded.

The Takeaway on the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses:

Don’t you just love this eyewear that brings out the style in you as you ensure your own safety? Imagine, people who see you wearing the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses will think you are just wearing a pair of regular stylish sunglasses. But, they are so much more than that!

Since the built-in camera and microphone are hidden, no one will notice you are actually recording or shooting something. And despite the small size of what’s included in this product, the footages and videos you’re taking are guaranteed high quality.

If you love to attend outdoor events and record them the whole time, the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses is a perfect companion. You can record hours and hours of interesting goings-on without exhausting your memory capacity.

As mentioned earlier, this innovative eyewear can accommodate up to 32GB of memory. You will even enjoy viewing what you have just recorded later with the 5MP feature of this spy gear’s camera.

Get the Niceshop Camcorder Sunglasses from Amazon today and capture important events without lifting a hand:

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