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Review of the Ctronics Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera

The Ctronics Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera is a highly-rated spy pen on Amazon. Truly a feature-filled pen beyond the ordinary, this product is small-sized and lightweight and yet it performs a la heavy-duty security gadget. One can easily bring it to places where suspicious activities take place. He can just simply go there, pretend to be writing something but actually recording the goings-on there.

“This is easy to use and a very fun spy gadget to have around. The lens is 15-degree angle up then I can see people’s face, when they come into my room. It’s the best thing spy gear you can get for a reasonable price. And I did a ton of research about it!”

This is definitely a pen beyond the ordinary. It can serve as your day and night security guard and you can get it from Amazon:

Top-Quality for a Reasonable Price

It doesn’t take a big amount of money to personally do the spying. For a reasonable price, you can follow, monitor and catch someone you suspects to be doing something wrong. Photos captured by this pen are on Jpeg format, and the videos are on AVI format.

There’s no need to worry about the quality of what’s being recorded either because the each photo taken by this spy pen has an excellent resolution. One of the best things about this spy camera pen is the 1-year warranty. Most spy pens are cheaply made by companies who offer no sort of warranty.

Here at Spy Cameras Reviewed, we love a company that stands behind their products!

“This is a pretty nice hidden camera. I have the black box and it looks good. It’s not as hidden as the pen or the plug, but it still works well. It’s pretty small and can be hidden in places. Overall, I’m happy with this product and would recommend it to just about anybody.”

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Ctronic Hidden Spy Pen in Action 

Key Features of the Ctronics Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera:

  • Has 8GB memory capacity
  • Compatible with PC and MAC
  • With hidden spy camera
  • HD quality video
  • Excellent quality ink
  • Has a stainless aluminum ink cartridge that’s replaceable
  • 1-Year Warranty

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The Ctronics Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera Cons:

  • MicroSD card not always available
  • Gets hot when continuously used
  • Does not come with a pen case
  • Shorter battery life (compared to other spy pens)

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The Takeaway on the Ctronics Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera:

The Ctronics Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera offers some serious value for the money. With just a little amount to spend, you are guaranteed of your own safety and protection. You too have a big chance of solving a mystery you’ve long wanted to solve.

This spy pen can function as your private eyes. Even when you are not looking or busy with something else, the hidden camera attached to this writing material can capture and record movements you might have missed. The best thing about this product is that, it produces high-quality photos and videos so you can see people, places and events clearly.

If you think that the Ctronics Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera is complicated to use because of the camera attached to it, think again. There’s a user manual to guide you when you use your pen beyond writing. Using a spy pen actually isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

Here’s the exciting part of owning this Amazon bestseller. You can be a secret agent at home or at work by pretending to be simply scribbling with this pen and a piece of paper when you’re actually documenting the activities around you already. No one will ever notice you’re taking pictures or video-recording the present situation.

You can easily get the Ctronics Hidden Spy Pen HD Camera from Amazon:

Ctronics Spy Pen with Camera: Have your Say!

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