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If you’re looking for a list of the best wireless security cameras on the market today, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to give you the straight facts on which wireless security system will work best for you, helping you keep your home, family, workplace and toys safe.

Wireless security cameras almost seem like a necessity these days. Unfortunately, they kind of are! We love wireless security cameras because they help to deter any bad guys from doing bad things to your property. Nobody likes to be caught on film doing something bad. These security cameras help ensure that.

Keep on reading for our Top 5 Wireless Security Cameras, in a whole range of budgets.

#1 Wireless Security Camera: Lorex Home Security System

Coming in at #1 on our list of the best wireless security cameras are the systems from Lorex. While not cheap, they certainly aren’t some of the highest quality systems that you can install yourself (see: Lorex Installation).

The thing we love most about Lorex Home Security Systems is that they are very high quality-they’ll last for years in all kinds of weather. You can also set them up yourself very easily and customer service is top quality in case you run into some problems while you’re doing it.

Check out the Lorex website-they have a ton of options to suit just about any need and budget. The options range from a simple wifi baby monitor to a $1000+ top of the line home security system. The thing we love best about Lorex is the 30-day hassle free return policy. You don’t it for whatever reason and you just have to return it for a full refund.

For more details including the pros and cons of this popular option, check out the full Lorex Security System Review.

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#2 Wireless Security Camera: Ouvis Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Coming it at #2 on our list of wireless security cameras is this system from Ouvis. It’s a very economical choice, but offers most of the features of the higher end cameras. The thing we love best about this home security system is how easy it is to set-up. Numerous customers mentioned in their review on Amazon that it only took a few minutes. This is substantially quicker than some of their far more expensive competition!

Another high-end feature that they have is the ability to record the footage. Some of the cheaper options only allow streaming via an app or web browser. But the Ouvis system has a built in SD card which will last for about seven days.

One of the things we don’t like about this system is the 720p camera. While this isn’t bad, and certainly is good enough for most situation, there are indeed higher quality cameras out there. For more details about the pros and cons of the Ouvis Security Cameras, you can check out our full review of this popular system.

Check out our top wireless security camera pick for the non tech-savvy person. You can head on over to Amazon today:

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Find the Best Security Camera

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Lorex Security SystemEzviz Home SecurityArlo Security System
Lorex-Home-Security-System-ReviewEZVIZ home surveillance systemarlo-security-system
8 channel, motorized dome cameras4 weatherproof cameras2 wireless HD cameras
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#3 Wireless Security Camera: EZVIZ Home Security System

Next up on our list of wireless security cameras is this system from EZVIZ. There are a couple things in particular that we like, including the built in hard drive and also how customizable these security cameras are. The built in hard drive saves a lot of hassle!

With some other cameras, you have to buy your own hard drive. You then have to get it paired up with the system. EZVIZ takes one step out of it and it’s ready to go straight out of the box. This will reduce your set-up time. You’ll hopefully have this thing up and running quickly and easily.

EZVIZ home security systems are also super customizable. You can choose from a few different options. There are different numbers of channels, and cameras, as well as different camera quality. You’re sure to be able to find something to match your budget and needs.

And don’t forget about their 1-year warranty. EZVIZ is a company that stands behind their products in a serious way and we love that about them! You can see more details here: EZVIZ Home Security System Review.

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EZVIZ Home Security Solution

#4 Wireless Security Camera: Arlo Security System

Taking the fourth spot on our list of wireless security cameras is this mid-range choice in security systems from Arlo. It’s mostly a basic wireless security camera, but it has one feature that we love in particular. It includes seven days of free cloud storage from Arlo.

While some people may not like this web based service and instead prefer to keep things in house, this is actually a benefit for a lot of people. Arlo takes the hassle out of storing your footage and does it for you! It’s super easy to long onto their website and then find what you need in case a crime occurs. Of course, you can also access the video stream in real-time via a web browser or mobile app.

The major complaint about this home security system from Arlo is the battery life of the cameras. In some cases, the batteries last far less than the company claims that they do. We recommend rechargeable batteries. You can also start a regular maintenance schedule. This will mitigate this problem easily.

Check out Arlo Security System Review for more details about this popular choice.

Or, head on over to Amazon to get the Arlo security cameras today:

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#5 Wireless Security Camera: Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

Rounding out our list of the top 5 wireless security cameras is this system from Zmodo. We started with one of the most expensive DIY systems (Lorex) and we’re finishing up with one of the cheapest. It should fit into just about anyone’s budget.

The picture quality is very reasonable, considering the price and they have a nice range of features. The Zmodo wireless security camera has things like night vision and motion alerts. Not bad for the price that you pay.

This system from Zmodo isn’t all good though! There are quite a few reports of this system being quite difficult to set up. Some people found customer service helpful while others didn’t have a great experience. If you’re a bit tech-savvy and can set up a wireless network with ease, this might work well for you.

If you struggle with something like setting up the wifi, we don’t recommend this one for you. You’ll be very frustrated most likely! Something like the Lorex system might work better for you.

You can check out more details about this system here in our full review: Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera.

Or, head on over to Amazon and check out the full product description and customer reviews:

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How to Prevent Home Security Systems from Being Hacked

Just about anything that connects via the Internet can be hacked by someone with enough time, motivation and skill to do it. That said, it’s not easy, especially if you take some basic precautions. You can learn more about how prevent hacking here:

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