Top 5 Smart Home Indoor Security Cameras | Best Wireless Surveillance Cameras

 Best OverallBest Low-End CameraEasiest to Set-Up
Product NameSENS8 Home Security CameraWyze Wireless Smart Home CameraAmazon Cloud Cam
Compatible with AlexaYesNoYes
RecordingSyncs to Google Drive or Dropbox (free)14-day rolling streaming (free)24 hour free storage, or subscription
PriceCheck Price Check PriceCheck price

Best Indoor Security Cameras

An Introduction to Indoor Security Cameras

If you’re looking for a device to keep your home, family and expensive toys safe, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you a rundown of the best indoor security cameras to help you make the right choice.

Here are our top picks for wireless security systems:

  • SENS8 Home Security Camera
  • Wyze Wireless Smart Home Camera
  • Yi Home Camera Surveillance System
  • Amazon Cloud Cam
  • Nest Indoor Security Camera

Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera

#1: SENS8 Home Security Camera System

If you’re looking for a premium option for an indoor security camera, look no further than SENS8.

Although the up-front price is higher than most of their competitors, there is no subscription fee. This means you’ll save a ton of money over the medium to long-term compared to some of the other brands on this list.

—>Check Prices on the SENS8 Here<—

The way it works is that the SENS8 has 8 GB of storage built in, which syncs to either Dropbox of Google Drive. It really is that easy to have a record of what’s going on in your home when you’re not there.

Key Features of the SENS8

Besides that, there are so many features that you’ll love. It’s the perfect device for keeping your home and family safe. Some of the things that SENS8 has, but others don’t are the backup battery power, sync to Google Drive or Dropbox, and humidity/heat sensors. Pretty amazing for such an affordable device.

Some of the features you’ll love include:

  • 2 hours of battery life in case the power goes out
  • Humidity and heat sensors/alarms
  • 1080 HD camera with night vision
  • 2-way audio
  • Motion sensor and 5-second look-back. The video starts recording 5 seconds before the motion is detected
  • Patented algorithm that has very few false alarms

Learn More about the SENS8 Indoor Smart Home Security Camera

Learn more about this indoor security camera here: SENS8 Smart Home Security Review.

Overall, this indoor security camera from SENS8 is by far the best on this list. You can check it out for yourself over on Amazon:


Review of SENS8 Home Security Camera

#2: Wyze Wireless Smart Home Camera

Next up on our list of the best indoor security cameras is this one from Wyze. it has all the features of some of the more expensive surveillance cameras, but at a far cheaper price point.

—>Check Prices on the Wyze Cam Here<—

Key Features of the Wyze Cam Indoor Security Camera

The thing we love best is that the Wyze Cam includes 14 days (rolling) cloud based storage. That’s way better than many of their competitors selling their cameras for 4-5 more. There is also the option of using a storage card (you supply it yourself) for a more permanent solution. Many other cameras do not have this option.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll love:

  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 1080 HD camera with night vision
  • Direct streaming to your Smartphone via phone app
  • Rolling, 14-day cloud storage (free)
  • Metal plate that allows easy installation anywhere with no screws

More Information about the Wyze Cam

Want to know more about this affordable wireless security camera? You’ll want to check this out: Wyze Indoor Security Camera Review. 

Or, you can just head over to Amazon to check out the Wyze Smart Home Camera for yourself:


Wyze Cam Review

Compare Indoor Security Cameras

#3: Yi Home Camera Surveillance System

Another very affordable option for indoor security camera is this one from Yi. It’s far cheaper than some of the more expensive home security cameras out there, but has enough features that you’ll be glad you saved your money!

—>Check Prices on the Yi Home Camera<—

Key Features of the Yi Home Camera

One of the things we love best about the Yi Security Camera is that the storage choice is yours to make. The unit is compatible with up to a 32 GB storage card. Or, you can upgrade to cloud storage that is reasonably priced, and offers a very convenient set-up.

Why don’t all cameras have this card storage option? We really have no idea, except that the companies just want to sell cloud storage.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll love:

  • Cloud (7 days free, or upgrade for more), or card storage
  • Full HD recording
  • 2-way audio
  • Alerts for baby crying
  • Easy to use phone app
  • Can be accessed by multiple people under 1 account
  • Not compatible with Alexa

More Information about the Yi Indoor Security Camera

Sounds like exactly what you need to keep your home and family safe, or just check up on the dog when you’re not at home? Check out our review here: Yi Home Camera.

Or, head over to Amazon to find out more details for yourself:


How to Use the Yi Home Camera

#4: Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera

Next up on our list of indoor security camera is the Amazon Cloud Cam. It’s a great camera with excellent audio and video quality at a very reasonable price.

—>Check Prices on the Amazon Cloud Cam Here<—

The reason why it’s not at the top of our list is that you have to get a monthly subscription for cloud storage along with it. Although they do have 24 hours of cloud storage for free, most people find that it’s not enough.

We wish that they’d either off a better option for free (rolling 3-day storage for example), or give the option of using your own memory card.

Key Features of the Amazon Cloud Camera

The main reason why you might consider the Amazon Cloud Camera is because it’s so easy to set up. Do you think shopping on Amazon is painless? This camera is just as easy to use.

  • 1080 HD recording
  • Motion detector alerts, and the ability to check it at any time with phone or computer
  • 2-way audio
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Save money when you buy more than one camera
  • New features being added all the time

More Details about the Amazon Cloud Cam

Sounds like exactly what you need to keep your loved ones, and home safe? Find out more details here: Amazon Cloud Camera Review. 

You could also check it out for yourself over on Amazon:


Amazon Cloud Cam Review

#5: Nest Indoor Security Camera

Rounding out our list of the best indoor security cameras is this one from Nest. Although not cheap, it’s one of the highest quality devices on this list, and people LOVE the video and audio quality on it.

—>Check Prices on the Nest Indoor Security Camera Here<—

Why it takes last spot on our list is that the camera really doesn’t work that well unless you get the yearly cloud storage subscription. it’s almost like the company designed their product to force people into upgrading to this.

For such an expensive product? We don’t love it and kind of hate that they did this. And for the price, we wish that they’d have included things like heat and humidity sensors.

That said, there are a ton of things that you’ll probably love about the Nest Camera.

Key Features of the Nest Security Camera

  • Some excellent user ratings and reviews (best in the category)
  • Motion detector sensor and alerts that work very well, unlike some of the cheaper smart home cameras
  • The camera is easy to mount anywhere
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 2-way audio

More Information about the Nest Home Surveillance Camera

Does this sound like what you need? Check out our full review: Nest Security Camera. Or, find out more details for yourself over on Amazon:


Can Home Security Cameras be Hacked?

Almost anything that’s connected to your Smartphone via the Internet can be hacked. That’s not to say that it’s easy to do, or that people want to go through the trouble of doing this to your home security device.

A burglar may not even know that you have one of these devices inside your home. You can learn more about this here:

Can Home Security Systems be Hacked?

Smart Home Indoor Security Cameras: Have your Say

What’s your top pick for indoor security cameras? Lave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.


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